How to Clean a Curtain Pole

When it comes to a curtain pole, aluminium is one of the most common materials used. This is because it is durable, cheap and reliable. This is especially common when it comes to poles for shower curtains, since the material will withstand the moisture and heat in the room. The good news is that this is one type of material that is easy to clean too.
To start off, it is essential to take the pole down from its home and remove the curtain from it. This will make it possible to get to all of the metal. If the pole is an extendable one, pull it out all of the way so that it is possible to clean all of the metal. There are chances that this is long, so place the pole on the floor for the cleaning process.
To avoid damaging any carpets or floor work, take the pole outside or to a garage. This will make it possible to clean without having to worry about not getting water all over the place. After all, you will be using cleaning materials that may bleach the carpet.
One of the best types of ingredients that will work on an aluminium curtain pole is lemon - the good news is that this is also cheap and probably something that is already in the kitchen. Salt and baking soda are also required to help with the cleaning process. Cut some lemons in half and then sprinkle a teaspoon of salt and baking soda onto the halves. When dealing with a rod that is exceptionally rusty, add more salt and baking soda onto them.
Use the lemon and scrub it against the metal. Put some effort into this and rub it along every bit of aluminium that can be seen. The acid in the lemon with the salt and baking soda will help with the removal of any dirt and rust from the rod. If there is any mould on the item, the acid will also help with the removal of that too. Use as much lemon as you need to clean the whole pole.
When it comes to any tough parts of dirt and rust, use a scrubbing brush. This will help to lift up the stubborn deposits and will give the rod a shine. Put some effort into the scrubbing to get the metal shining perfectly.
Finally, add some white vinegar and warm water to a soft cloth. This is usually best when the mixture is added to a spray bottle to avoid too much being added to the cloth. Just use the rag to wipe down the curtain pole and remove any excess residue on the metal. Avoid leaving the water mixture to sit on the metal - this will just cause a rust and mould problem. Use any part of the cloth that is dry, or get a new cloth, and wipe away the water. This will also prevent any wet spots from drying on the metal and leaving watermarks.
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