How Interior Window Shutters Can Suit Whatever the Weather

There are many advantages of interior shutters. They bring an elegance to a home and add to its value. They are a great alternative to other window coverings such as the more common curtains or blinds.
One of the major advantages of interior window shutters is that they offer adjustability. If you have shutters installed, you can adjust the amount of light, air and heat coming through to suit the weather conditions.
Hot and Humid
In extreme heat you may want to protect your home from the blistering sun and the humidity. Keeping the window closed will be preferable to keep the humidity out (especially if you have air conditioning). Keeping the shutter louvres closed, meanwhile, will protect from the sun.
Hot and Sunny, but not Humid
If it is hot and sunny, but without the humidity, then you might want to let more air in to keep the room as cool as possible. The louvres could be closed to some extent to protect against the brightness of the sun. It comes down to personal preference whether you would like the sun blocked out altogether or would like some sunlight coming in. The louvres can be adjusted as appropriate, either being completely closed or partly closed.
Hot and Overcast
If it is overcast sunlight doesn't present a problem. The warm weather might mean wanting to let air in, and without the sunlight you will be able to have the shutters open. With the windows open this could let in the maximum amount of air possible.
Hot and Raining
Again, the warm weather might mean wanting to let air into the home. Depending on the rain, though, you won't want your home getting wet. You can adjust both how open the window is and the shutters to get the appropriate balance.
Cool and Sunny
In cool weather you are likely to want the window closed. If it is sunny, you might prefer not too much sunlight to be coming through. You could therefore close the shutters completely or open the louvres to let in the preferable amount of light.
Cool and Cloudy
If it is cool and cloudy you might want to let in the full amount of light possible. You can therefore have the shutters completely open as sunlight won't be a problem. In extreme cold weather, on the other hand, you might want to insulate against the cold. With thick wooden shutters, especially solid shutters, you can achieve more insulation by having the shutters closed.
As can be seen from reading the above, depending on the weather conditions shutters, as well as windows themselves, can be adjusted as appropriate to let in the optimum amount of sunlight, air and heat. Obviously some of this come down to personal preferences; some people prefer it hot while others prefer it cooler, and some prefer to protect against the sun while other love it. This means that whatever the weather is doing you can create an atmosphere in your home that suits.

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