Oriental Rugs: The Jewel of Your Home Decorating

There is good reason to plan your decorating scheme around an Oriental rug. Rug sales reflect the popularity of Persian carpets as well as more contemporary woven rugs. They are classic in their beauty and durability, and like all classics will always be in style and hold their appeal.
Interior decorators know that some of the elements of a room that make it appealing are color and texture. Looking at the rich patterns and colors of an oriental rug will reveal many options for coordinating with upholstered furniture and draperies as well as wood flooring. The colors of such a rug are often striking and yet they fit in with the entire scheme in a way that is very pleasing to the eye.
Look at the timeless beauty of the ancient themes that are repeated over and over again in hand knotted oriental rugs. Many of them have meanings that are not obvious in modern life, and yet their beauty is still appealing to us today. These classic colors and patterns are still often seen even in well made woven rugs, and they look great in modern rooms.
Investing in a good quality oriental rug is a smart move because of all the various color options it presents. You may choose to match a major color of the rug when picking out upholstery fabric or paint for your walls. In a few years when it's time to change the room, you can still use the rug by picking another color scheme that will reflect a whole different color palette.
The texture of these beautiful rugs is another factor to consider when you are decorating your room. Sometimes a room such as a dining room has a lot of wood surfaces that are shiny and smooth. The texture and tone can become monotonous until the room is anchored by an oriental rug. The eye is drawn to the rug on the floor which seems to anchor the room and lend it focus.
The home decorator may not think about the importance of texture when putting a decorating plan together. The color choices are much more immediate and will usually be the factor that you think of first. But a successful room redo is also determined by varying the textures from smooth and silky to rough or rich. We like to touch and see varying weaves and fabrics.
In addition to adding the visual and tactile interest of wool or silk rug, it provides warmth underfoot and will muffle the clatter and other sounds in any room. Especially a dining or living room where there may be a lot of conversation and possibly music playing. Stopping the echo of voices will make your room much more serene and pleasant.
While wall to wall carpeting or an area rug may provide a practical benefit, it may also appear bland and unappealing. In contrast, the Oriental rug has the same benefit of providing warmth and texture, but its jewel -like beauty can't be equaled. When you care for it with regular vacuuming and professional cleaning when necessary, it will be an investment that will bring you joy and satisfaction for years to come.

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