Using Feng Shui Colors for Success

Feng shui colors are related to each of the five elements. Colors can be incorporated in your environment for greater balance and success through painted walls, artwork, furniture, and other accessories. Recommendations for colors can vary from practitioner to practitioner, but the following are generally agreed upon:
The water element is black, blue, and gray. The water element needs to be balanced with warmth and fire. Excess water element and excess feng shui colors for water can result in cooling or freezing conditions such as arthritis. Using water colors in your environment can create a place for meditation or introspection. A strong water environment helps you to "pool your resources" to achieve great things. On the emotional level, too much water element and too much of the water-related colors can lead to depression, brooding and a sense of foreboding.
Colors for the wood element are all shades of green and blue. Wood energy is constantly moving and growing. The wood element needs to be balanced with metal or fire. Both earth and water colors will feed the wood energy, possibly leading to greater imbalances. Environments predominantly featuring wood colors and wood energy are places of strength, encouraging clear and direct communication and bold action. Wood energy needs to be balanced so that it does not become overly aggressive.
The earth element is orange, brown and yellow. The earth element is able to absorb excesses of the other elements. Earth personalities are very supportive and helpful in all of their relationships. To keep the earth element from stagnating, also include the wood element and water elements to give the energy a place to grow and flourish. Use other colors for accents such as artwork featuring metals and water colors.
Colors for the fire element are all shades of red and orange. An environment strong in feng shui colors for the fire element supports those who are passionate about life and relationships. Fire needs to be balanced with water (black, blue, and gray). Excesses of the fire element can cause problems with the heart and small intestines.
The metal element is gold, silver, copper, bronze, white, violet, pink and light blue. The metal element is characterized by discipline, strength and endurance. Metal can be molded into almost any shape when liquefied by the fire element. Try to include fire (shades of red and orange) in a strong metal environment. Artwork emphasizing the molten state of metal is always useful. Metal personalities are idealistic and intent on quality in everything they do and everything around them.
Different rooms in your home or workplace can benefit from a balance of feng shui colors with particular rooms emphasizing one set of colors over another. An intimate living room might emphasize fire colors while a peaceful bedroom might emphasize water colors. Offices and places where business is conducted can benefit from the use of metallic colors representing wealth and success.

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