Adding Light, Space and Elegance to Your Home With a Conservatory

Halfway between the outdoors and the indoors, a conservatory is a totally different type of room from any other an it can be tricky getting the balance right when it comes to decorating it and furnishing it. Imagine your current living room furniture in the conservatory and it will look odd, but you probably want the room to function in a similar manner. You will want your conservatory to feel closer to the outdoors, especially in winter when you can sit inside and feel like you're in the garden. A conservatory is usually a tiled room, with an abundance of light and a feeling of space and makes a fabulous addition to any home.

In summer, if you have patio doors on your conservatory you'll probably have a lot of traffic through the conservatory, especially if you have children or grandchildren. Because of this I'd suggest terracotta floor tiles for a conservatory. They look great, they can take a bit of wear and tear and work really well in a garden room.

For colours, white and pale green look stunning in a conservatory. As do light natural colours. I think conservatories work best with light pale colours, making the most of all that extra natural light you've got coming in through the glass. If you use the conservatory on an evening, especially if you entertain in there, then plain white fairy lights will look beautiful, you can string these across the roof or round the edges of the room.

Wicker furniture with fabric cushions is popular in conservatories. If you have a small conservatory a white bistro set of table and two chairs will look lovely. White furniture always works well in a conservatory. If you have a larger space and are thinking of using it to entertain and hold dinner parties in, a dining table and chairs is ideal. You could purchase something new, but if you're on a budget, a cheap second hand dining table can easily be found, and simply painted white can look truly stunning, perhaps even better than a bought one. You could consider giving it an antique look. There are special paints you can buy that can create this look for you so you don't need any great painting skills.

If your conservatory is very small, perhaps it's little more than a porch then you can still enjoy it. Invest in a set of folding chairs and a small folding table if you have the space for it.

Lots of house plants will help make this room feel part of the garden and they will thrive in all the natural light as long as you keep them well watered. Hanging baskets will bring the greenery to another dimension.

Whether you are throwing lavish parties in your conservatory or simply just enjoy sitting down with a cup of tea and the morning paper, a conservatory is a great addition to a house and it helps you to enjoy your garden all year round. It can also add value to your home, so show it off to its best effect.

If you are adding a conservatory to your home you need to think carefully about your choice of floor tiles. The right floor tiles will complete the room and add value to your property. Visit today.

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