Brown-Colored Living Rooms and Furniture

Brown walls will exhibit a more traditional look for your living room. You can compare its dark hues to the royal bearing of regal colors like red and violet. It represents class and finery. It also speaks of good characteristics like dependability, balance, modesty, and respectability.
Brown also offers various tones. Some of my favorites are subdued mocha, light tan, and beige. Various accentuations like lamps, area rugs, and lampshades are great in these various shades of brown. It is also a nice color to use for large living rooms as it makes big living rooms to look smaller.
Picking furniture and decorations that will blend with brown-colored walls is not difficult. Let me share a few tips:

  • One of the best colors to mix with brown is green. The combination of brown and green creates an environmental atmosphere in the room making you feel cool and calm. Green also relieves stress and anxiety and is especially pleasing to the eyes. Cushions can be in light green hues. You can also paint faint hues of green on the brown walls. The addition of plants in the room will naturally blend with brown bringing nature inside the living room.
  • Create a dramatic contrast in the room by pairing different shades of brown from the light hues to the dark ones. For example, a dark brown wall is best with light brown furniture. Avoid having large dark brown furniture. This will destroy the balance you want to foster in your living room.
  • Furniture like the entertainment set, couch, cabinet and other large furniture must be of the same shade. To avoid being too monotonous, have different hues of a specific color.
  • You can also try blue colors for your brown living room since it is also a nature color. Blue green, teal, and turquoise are top choices. Your room will only look boring and old if you let your living room be ultimately brown- colored. Put other vibrant colors like red and even pink. You can choose to put ocean and sea paintings or pictures on the walls. You might as well pick metallic or wood colors for your picture frames so they may stand out when placed on the walls.
  • White furniture will also make the brown living room look good. Choose cream or dirty white. This will match the walls better than a clean white hue. Your large furniture can be of this color.
  • Chrome and clear acrylic are best for your seating fixtures. You can also have them in dark mocha and chocolate brown shades.
  • Faint glows of lamps will make brown-colored walls to look best. The color of the lampshade also influences the mood of the room. Get a love seat for this area of the room where you can read your favorite books.
  • Use light pink or blue curtains. You can also opt for white ones. If your lamps are of beige or cream colors, take advantage of the same colors for your drapes.
  • Now that you know what color to get for your furniture, let us go to the accessories and decors. Having a progressive pattern around the room is a good technique to strike balance and differentiation all at the same time. The shades can also vary progressively.
  • Choose print patterns like checkers, stripes, or circular ones for your throw pillows and area rugs. Vases and jars are also optional accentuations.
  • Another good combination you can opt to get is cream brown mixed with teal and aqua blue.
Getting brown-colored walls does not mean that you are playing safe and afraid of trying new things for your living room. You can still put new things in your brown living room - furniture to reflect your individuality. Brown walls are just easier to design and have been tried and liked by many.

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