Are Indoor Plants Helpful Around The Office?

Potted plants can serve many purposes: they can screen unwanted objects or views, is a focal point to draw the eye to single point, and placed at a window they can give the illusion of being outdoors. Indoor plants can also help set a mood or create a certain ambience. The right plants placed in the right spot add elegance to nearly any setting. Vining plants can be trained to grow along the tops of windows, adding a natural frame to a view. Other plants, with hanging portions, make nice frames to each side of a large window.

Office plants are used much the same way in the office setting. Larger plants can add a nice touch by placing matching ones at each end of a sofa in the waiting area. Placed on each side of a doorway, they add elegance to a plain entryway. Smaller plants placed on tables and desk corners can give a more comfortable feel to a small office. Hanging plants can frame an excellent view, or placed across the windows block a view.

In businesses where clients come in and speak to personnel, plants placed strategically can help these customers feel more relaxed and comfortable, aiding them in being more open with their wants and needs. Getting a more accurate feel of what the customer wants helps a business fulfil these needs. A happy customer is frequently a repeat customer and satisfied customers are more apt to refer others with similar needs.

Placing plants in an office setting helps keep the air fresh as the plants take in the carbon dioxide we exhale and release oxygen. Plants with fragrant flowers also add a touch of colour and fragrance. Some larger offices have added a small pond or waterfall to their foyers, and adding plants to these brings a touch of the outdoors in, especially in climates where inclement weather can keep people indoors much of the time. A setting such as this invites people in and the peacefulness can make employees more productive.

Adding indoor plants to your work area is now even easier than ever. Instead of purchasing office plants and taking care of them yourself, there are now plant services that specialize in providing plants and come in every week to prune and water them. If a plant begins showing signs of wilting, they replace it with a new plant, taking the old one back to the nursery to recover.

Having plants in any indoor setting is beneficial to us. The released oxygen helps keep the air fresh and the lush greenery of healthy plants helps reduce stress and anxiety in both customers and employees.

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