How To Decorate Your Conservatory

The homeowner has moved into a place with a large, sunny conservatory attached to the south end of the house. It's empty now because the old owners took everything with them. Three of its four walls are basically made of glass and though the windows and doors can be opened, the room gets a bit hot on warm days. The homeowner assumes they'll need conservatory blinds. So, after moving furniture into the rest of the house and having a bit of money left over, the homeowner goes to work decorating the conservatory.
The paint in the room was peeling and bubbling, so the homeowner paints the mullions of the windows, the French doors that opened to the garden and the door that opened to the house a cream color. The brick wall of the house is in good shape, so the homeowner leaves it as it is.

The Floor 
The floor of the conservatory was in fairly bad shape. It was a made of black and white lino, but was dented, stained and even torn up in places. The homeowner knew that the floor was going to be subject to sunlight and maybe water so would need to be water resistant and durable. They wanted to go with ceramic tile for its looks, but then realized that ceramic tile is not resilient and can be cold, and the homeowner and their family like to walk around in bare feet. So a green and red vinyl floor is laid down with the tiles laid down in an attractive pattern.

The homeowner installs track lighting in the conservatory's slanted roof and wall lanterns beside the windows of the house and on each side of the house's door.

At the east end the homeowner puts a white wicker settee, a couple of matching wicker chairs with scrolled arms, a curule style chair with a canvas seat and a small, wooden pedestal table painted cream. They decorate the wicker furniture with UV resistant blue and white striped cushions and pillows. Nearby, on the floor, they stack blue and white striped throw cushions for extra seating. They put a long credence against the wall beneath the southern windows. To the west end of the conservatory they add a dining set, with white wicker chairs around a round white dining table. A William and Mary style chest of drawers is put between the house's door and its western window. The homeowner puts a white, wrought iron park bench beneath the western window. An old, non-working pot bellied stove is placed between the house's door and its eastern window. The homeowner also installs conservatory blinds to cut down on the direct sunlight.

The homeowner craves lots of plants to take advantage of the light. So, on the credence they put terra cotta pots of geranium and bromeliads. A pot of bird's foot ivy goes on the dining table and they hang baskets of baby tears, columns, more bird's foot ivy and fern plants. They set pots of Boston fern, gold dust dracaena, a couple of weeping fig trees, rubber plants and parlor palms in various places on the floor.
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