Silk Floral Designs and Arrangements

The decision to work with silk flowers or real flowers for any occasion, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries is a personal preface of like or dislike. However, synthetic flowers are still getting a bad placement in the flower world and not given the chance to show its worth. Over the years with new developments, technology and designs, it is being proven that the standards of silk flowers are almost equal to that of real flowers and there is a chance for them to flourish. It has become more difficult to distinguish between imitation and real flowers for artificial flowers have developed into a golden beauty that has people guessing "is it fake or real".
Manufacturers that create silk flowers amaze me by the quality and richness that goes into the development. The perfection and richness of the product grow each year, and who knew that the paper flowers I created and entertained me for hours as a small child would grow to be the creative beauty of today's floral beauty. There is such a personal enjoyment for me when I am near authentic silks and stems that I am filled with peace. In the past twenty years my passion and love of these flowers have grown in amazement and wonder filling my home with such beauty. From the store to my home to my new crated floral arrangement and design, I am in such awe. Silk flowers have always astonished me with such perfection color and texture. Each year they seem to get better and better with new developments. My arrangements have developed into unique designs and as the new silk flowers are manufactured each year I look forward to building new arrangements. Silk floral arrangements bring enjoyment to everyone that receives one of my creative silk floral arrangements.
Creating, designing and placement of a silk floral arrangement is complimentary to any room or office d├ęcor transforming a plain room into a unique floral beauty. Seeing a floral arrangement standing stately within eye view will instantly draw attention to the warmth of the room and give a welcoming invitation to any visitor. Flowers speak volumes in the uniqueness of their design and silk flowers have a lot to say by way of welcome, warmth and beauty. Besides the fact that a stunning and desirable silk floral arrangement will last forever, the warm feelings they bring to your loved ones will last just as long.
For the past twenty years I have been designing Silk Floral arrangements. My passion is silk flowers and the new silk flowers have captivated my interest. I have worked with and enjoyed the beauty of creating and designing floral arrangements staring as a small child playing with paper flowers.
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