Pros and Cons of Wall to Wall Carpeting

Wall-to-wall carpeting is a popular choice for many homeowners, no matter what style of interior design they are drawn to. Carpeting comes in a variety of colors and styles, making it easy to seamlessly blend it in with different decorating ideas. When choosing a flooring style for the home, it's important to take into consideration the different pros and cons of the different flooring types, including wall-to-wall carpeting.
Pro: Cost
There are thousands upon thousands of different options when it comes to carpeting, with many options in varying price ranges. This makes it easy to find carpeting that fits nearly any budget, which is great for homeowners who are looking for the right carpet to match their various decorating ideas regarding their bedroom designs or living room designs.
Pro: Warmth
Carpeting also offers warmth during the winter months, especially when walking around barefoot. It is also soft on the feet, which is a huge benefit for many people. Carpeting can also offer visual texture and visual warmth, which is important in interior design.
Pro: Sound
Carpeting is quiet to walk on. This gives it an advantage over other types, which may cause echoing in the room or may creak when walking across. Though sound is not necessarily part of interior design, it is something that homeowners should take into consideration when contemplating flooring types for their home.
Con: Maintenance
Carpeting can be extremely difficult to maintain. It requires regular vacuuming and occasional deep cleaning such as steam cleaning. This is especially true for a family with pets or children, as this can increase how quickly the carpet gets dirty and thus increase the amount of time needed to clean it.
Con: Collects Dirt
As noted in maintenance, carpeting must be regularly cleaned to prevent dirt and debris from building up. It can also collect moisture relatively easy, so it's not a good choice for bathroom designs or for kitchen designs, as it can develop mold and mildew.
Con: Bad for Allergy Sufferers
Speaking of dirt and debris, carpet also collects lots of dust and pollen. This can be bad news for those who suffer from allergies.
Pro and Con: Installation
Typically, carpet cannot be installed by the homeowner. This may or may not add to the cost of installation, as many retailers offer free installation at certain times of the year. However, some companies may allow the homeowner to self-install, which can cut down on costs.
Con: Resale Value
Unlike hardwood floors, carpet typically does not increase the resale value of the home. Therefore, when choosing carpets, it's okay to choose something you specifically enjoy and something that suites the interior design style of your home, as it typically will not affect the resale value. This is because many new buyers will bring in throw rugs or replace the flooring all together, simply because carpeting tends to be taste-specific.
Though carpeting is great for matching specific decorating ideas in bedroom designs and living room designs, it's not for everyone. It's not recommended for those who suffer from allergies, or those who do not have the time to clean and maintain the carpeting.
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