Deciding A Layout For Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom cabinets are a general requirement in every home. They provide you with ample space to store all of your unsightly bathroom lotions and potions such as shampoos, soaps and towels. In some cases, you can also buy bathroom furniture that will hide your pipe work and plumbing, making your bathroom appear much neater and more organized.
Whether you are remodeling your entire bathroom or are planning on adding a few pieces of furniture here and there, it is important to really think about where you are going to put everything. First of all, you need to thoroughly measure out your space. If you are adding to an existing bathroom, ensure your new furniture isn't going to get in the way of any existing fixtures. Don't forget to take door opening and closings into consideration as this can take up extra space.
When you have decided where your new furniture is going to go, you then need to choose the furniture itself. Wall hung bathroom cabinets save valuable floor space in smaller bathrooms, but if you buy too big, you create a cramped and claustrophobic feel in your home. Vanity units can also save space by providing a surface for your basin as well as much-needed storage space. These smaller bits of furniture are especially important if you are renovating a downstairs toilet or en-suite bathroom as they allow you to maintain as much space as possible.
Another idea that creates a spacious feel in the home is mirrored bathroom furniture. It reflects both natural and artificial lighting which makes the room appear larger and much cleaner and calmer. Choosing the right lighting is crucial when renovating your bathroom as it can completely alter the feel of your room; therefore consider your bathroom lighting carefully before you buy your furniture.
If you are gifted with a larger bathroom space, then buying a furniture suite in its entirety is a great way of giving your bathroom a coordinated, completed feel. Furniture suites come in all shapes and sizes and generally include vanity units, a mirror and various sizes of cabinets for bathroom storage. It is important that you have the right size bathroom to fit a furniture suite in because they take up a considerable amount of room and can make a smaller or even average sized bathroom appear closed in.
Finally, double check that the finish of your bathroom furniture is going to coordinate with your existing colour schemes and designs. This will make it appear well matched and completed.
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