You May Not Have To Paper Or Repaint To Brighten Up A Room

Your choices are many when it's time to decorate, but ponder a bit before taking the first steps. Most try painting the walls odd shades of their favorite colors once they've grown tired of the colors that are presently on the walls.
You can make an effort at adding wallpaper to your rooms, but that often makes rooms feel cluttered and closed in, rather than opening them up. You can also try coloring any woodwork that your rooms might have, but that requires spending time doing the painstaking job of stripping wood finish and sanding.
All of these renovations can have a significant impact on the look of your home's room, but may not get at the source of the conflict you're trying to correct. Wall paint and stain can't perform miracles to make your rooms seem more filled with light and more open and airy.
Wall mirrors, conversely, may go a long way toward bringing out the elements that you seek in your rooms. There are unusually shaped mirrors, and you could try round wall mirrors if you want to add variety to the room.
Every mirror you add to your walls will seem to magically expand the space and throw around more light and a more vast sense of openness. Wherever mirrored glass is hung, it has an uncanny ability to make rooms seem to fly open with newly discovered space.
You don't have to stop at installing just one mirror in any specific space, especially when you can design a layout that includes multiple mirrors on any wall. Use numerous mirrors in any room to mix up the choices that are available to you and to better open up the space optically.
As for ease of installation, you can fill in large areas with mirrors if you elect to use a number of smaller mirrors rather than one large panel to cover a single wall. You'll have the power to control where your multiple mirrors will be installed, and in what shape they will be hung.
Rather than selecting boring arrangements, let your imagination run wild and find non-conventional ways to display your mirrors. Access your creative juices by placing mirrors at irregular intervals that will help challenge the eye.
Get friends and relatives to help you make decisions about where mirrors could best be set up and what off-beat patterns you might try. You'll be amazed at how much all of this will change the look and feel of your rooms, home office and even your hallways.
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