Bathroom Lighting Guide

Choosing which lighting is best for your bathroom is a tough choice to make because you want some which can set the mood. When you think about updating the lights in your bathroom you need to think about where you want them to be. An example of this would be not to put lights above a fixed mirror in the bathroom, the reason for this is for the shades and reflections would not work in the room. So a suggestion is to have fixtures on each side of the mirror.
There are four main types of lighting for your bathroom. These are wall, ceiling, mirror and down lights. Ceiling down lights offers a whole different lighting scheme; these will look great and offer a contemporary warm feel. The biggest down fall of the down light is that there is more work than normal getting them installed because the ceiling needs holes cutting to put them in, then each one must be carefully wired individually. If you take the time to do each one individually then it is worth it in the end. These ceiling lights are good for any bathroom because they are small but powerful, and with their different shapes and sizes it is makes it even easier for you to find place for them. There is a ceiling light which is excellent for health and safety. These are the fire rated lights which are designed so you can feel reassured that if your light will not catch fire because there is no flammable material to ignite.
The wall lights are commonly used in the home but not as much in the bathroom which is a shame because this style of bathroom lighting can often work really well. Make sure that before you buy any wall lighting that it complies with the electrical regulations. Bathroom mirrors are useful when you need to brush your teeth or have a shave in the morning. If there is sufficient lighting in a standards bathroom lighting can often cause shadows around the mirror which is not the best when you're trying to use it. So it is a good idea to have the light above the mirror also an added bonus to the mirror light is that your can have a shaver socket, which can be hidden away.
With any lights you decide you use; it is advised that you use a professional to install the lights so that you can be sure that the lights are safely fitted. Manufactures tend not to cover for any faults if their product was not installed by a professional.
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