The Importance of a Towel Rail

If you're upgrading your bathroom and need to give it a new lease of life then maybe consider a heated towel rail. Not only are they a great alternative to a full radiator but they also come in many shapes, sizes, designs and heat outputs.
Many modern apartments and new builds will be pre-furnished when bought and often these will be finished with a shiny new radiator. Often finished in colours such as chrome or silver, towel rails can easily look the part in both new and old builds. Available in other colours such as anthracite (grey/darkened chrome) and matte black as well as simple colours such as white and cream there is a huge variety available when it comes to choosing your radiator.
The inventor and eventual holder of the first radiator to be patented was held by a gentleman known as Franz SanGalli. He patented the radiator in the US and Germany. This was in the mid 1800's and radiators have come a long way since then. Originally using very different methods to produce and circulate heat, the modern radiators often use heating elements or special oil-based liquids which are heated in the same way water-filled radiators are but at a much more productive level.
Companies that specialise in radiators and towel rails produce hundreds of radiators in many different styles. The variation available is superb and the quality is too. Some of the more expensive ones are dual-fuel. This means that they can be heated by the mains during the colder months and then heated electronically during the cooler summer evenings. This is superb for homes which don't necessarily need the entire heating system turned on, but instead require a single room to be heated occasionally.
When choosing your towel rail, take into account a few things. Firstly the size of the rail you had in mind and then the space available for this it. If it is overly big in a bathroom it could present a risk of being burnt, especially vital if you have young children or someone with disabilities. It may give you lovely heated towels but it could also severely damage a loved one. Next you need to be aware of the radiators BTU (British Thermal Units) output, in other words how hot it can get. This correlates to the first point about how big it is. Generally a towel rail's BTU increases with its size but you should always check before making a purchase. Thirdly you should work out how easy or how difficult it will be to install, if there are pipes nearby or whether you will have to do some extensive work on your bathroom before a towel rail or radiator can be installed.
There are other points to take into account before you should make a purchase of your new towel rail but provided you follow simple guidelines, take advice from a plumber or friend in the trade then you shouldn't make any mistakes.

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