How to Care For Your Goose Down Comforter

There is nothing better than a down comforter to keep you warm at night, especially if you live in a really cold climate! Some people use their down comforter all year long. My grandmother slept with her down comforter, even in the summer, because she was always cold, and that kept her warm. I would say the majority of people put their goose down comforters away for the summer months. As you know, these comforters can be expensive, but worth every penny, so you want to be sure to store them properly. Storing your down comforter is not hard, and will help keep your investment pristine and in excellent condition for many more winters to come.
The first thing you will want to do is to make sure your down comforter is clean, if not, you will want to clean it before you put it away. Generally machine washing is the best way to care for your down bedding. If the fabric contains silk or rayon, then you may need to have it dry cleaned. Queen, king or cal king sizes are probably too big for your washing machine and dryer, unless you have the more commercial size appliances, in which then you could wash them at home. Otherwise you may have to go to the laundry mat. If you do have to take your queen, king or cal king comforter to the dry cleaners, it will cost you anywhere from twenty to fifty dollars, depending on where you live, but it is well worth it!
Once you have cleaned your comforter, you should fold your comforter the width of two rows of the boxed stitching. You can store the comforter in a fabric bag with a draw string. You want to be sure to keep it dust free, but it still needs to breathe. Just be sure not to put your comforter in an airtight plastic bag. Be sure to keep your down comforter in a cool dark place because light and heat can discolor the fabric at the folded area. Do not place any other item in with your bedding set.
When the cold returns, toss your down comforter in the dryer for about a half an hour, to eliminate and moisture that could be trapped in your comforter and that will give it a good fluffing! I hope this article is helpful to you, and enjoy the warmth and comforter of your new bedding product!

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