Floor Plans and Designs - The Challenges of Designing a Home Yourself

See your rooms in color and be amazed of what a new color scheme will do to your everyday existence. Interior painting is the least expensive improvement to any space with the most dramatic results. The selection of a paint scheme is not as easy as spinning the color wheel and picking your favorite color. I compare it to an exact science with many factors that will determine the results.
Follow your instincts what is your favorite color range? Select colors based on the sensations you experience when surrounded by these colors. Usually the colors you are always drawn to will be the most comfortable for you to live with. Beware of trendy colors schemes that are in vogue this season but will be out the next. Follow your instinctive color sense.
Check to make sure your color choice blends with the furniture in the room. This is critical for the desired results you want everything to look intentional and not like an afterthought. If you are not replacing the sofa, your objective is to select a color scheme that will compliment the sofa and other upholstery in the room.
To get the full impact of your color choices and decide which ones move you the most, stand across the room with the paint samples on the wall. The process of elimination becomes obvious when you are comparing your choices all together. If you need a larger paint sample to visualize the overall effect the color will have in the room purchase a quart of paint and brush on a 36" square area of the color on the wall.Study your color choices at all times of the day and night to assure that the natural and artificial light in your home reflect the desired tones you are intending for the room. You will be living with your new paint scheme for many moons so it is essential to love the colors your in. Is the color you love too dark or alarmingly bright? Do keep in mind you are accustom to seeing the present color of your walls therefore, the new selection will surely stand out in comparison. Considers painting just one wall that leads into another room or set off a nook area with this daring accent color.
Be brave and not boring. Remember the reason why you are making a change is to stimulate your life in this room. A well thought out paint scheme should be unexpected and unique only to you. A home should have a color theme that transitions from room to room. Select an array of tones and tints in the color scheme you have chosen. This is when I highly recommend that no ceiling should ever be white! You take away from the warmth of a room. It may cost just little more in labor to have an array of different paints but the visual excitement this will bring to your home is worth every stoke!
Color challenged? It truly is an art to have an acute sensitivity of color theory and to differentiate the effect of the tone, tint, intensity and saturation of a color. I highly recommend hiring an interior designer to guide you with your paint selection. A new paint project is only expensive when the rooms need to be re-painted because of colors clashing glaringly or an endemic combination of "off white" with "white" is used. I always ask, "With the limitless selection of color in the world, why would you choose white?
You will go from a nice choice of very safe tones on the walls... to an exceptional color scheme!
I do believe we are all born with natural talents. To share with others what comes naturally for me as a career is the ultimate dream job! I was the kid that loved to wake up early Saturday morning before anyone else was awake to rearrange the living room...more than once! Interior design was always my career of choice and soon discovered my ability to think in the third dimension. I could see a finished room with the perfect balance of color, texture and proportion...an Interior Design Degree was simply a natural fit. My Bachelors Degree is in Art and Interior Design from San Diego State University. My entire working life has been involved in various aspects of design including floral design, visual merchandising and space planning in retail furniture showrooms, media advertising, photography, design and home renovation projects for clients. To share my design passion with my clients enable me to create unique and tantalizing environments. To exceed their expectations becomes my mission for each and every design project.

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