Warming Up the Great Room With Native American Art

Native American artwork adds a perfect touch to any living room, full of life, color, and a rich history that is hard to find in some other forms of artwork. Warming up the great room with traditional art should not mean cheesy paintings or color-by-number posters when there are thousands of alternatives that look great and represent this culture better. From beautiful traditional wall hangings to Native American-inspired artwork, you can find pieces that match many different d├ęcor styles in the living room.

Traditional Ideas

You can find many traditional pieces online and in upscale home decor stores, unless you live close to an area that offers retailers with authentic merchandise. This is common throughout the Midwestern portion of the United States, although there are sporadic Native American retailers across the West Coast and a few in the East. For those who do not live in an area where beautiful traditional ideas are plentiful, there is always online shopping, with thousands of stores to shop on the Internet.

Here are just a few of the most common traditional Native American artwork ideas for warming up the great room:

• Dreamcatchers are very popular, and you can find them in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. They are a great choice for hanging over a fold-out couch or any place where guests or family members may sleep or nap in the great room.

• Prints or photos of Native Americans are also a great choice, whether you are looking for realistic and factual photos or fantasy imagery. They are beautiful and add a sense of pride and bravery in the living room.

• Landscapes with Native American village scenes are a great way to add a warm, homey feeling to your living space. There are a variety of options available, depicting every season.

Native American-Inspired Ideas

Some forms of such artwork are not depictions of something that is overtly Indian, including a few ideas that have become almost synonymous with Native American artwork, but some are more subtle.

Here are some examples of artwork that is inspired directly or indirectly by Native American tribes, folklore, or symbolism:

• Wolves and eagles are prime examples of traditional-inspired artwork, and these animals are excellent additions to the great room. Landscapes featuring these animals are classic examples of direct Native American influence, especially howling wolves in nighttime scenes or majestic flying eagles.

• Horses and deer are ideas of more subtle influence, depending on the rest of the picture. Painted ponies galloping or deer-hunting scenes can be great ways to add a touch of traditional art in your living room without overwhelming the space with this type of artwork, such as for those who want a very subtle approach to Indian decor.

• Cave drawings can be suitable, although they can also be interpreted as African artwork on occasion. This type of artwork looks great, and it can add a lot of positive energy in the living room, in addition to adding a warm, inviting feel.

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