Which Kitchen Storage Accessory Is Right For My Corner?

Is there a perfect kitchen storage corner accessory? Is the cup half full? Each accessory that is made for corner units has pros and cons. This article will explore the benefits and drawbacks to several of the more common corner units for kitchen storage.

Lazy Susan - Probably the most well-known of the kitchen storage accessories for corner situations for a standard corner cabinet. They rotate food from the back to the front so all foods may be viewed. Shelf-mounted units are available without the traditional center post in the way but food that falls off in the back is difficult to reach, it is a circle unit in a square space so not all of the space is utilized, many cheap versions have turned people off to this solution because they cannot handle the weight that is put on them and break. I should also caution you that installation of some Lazy Susan units requires removal of the top of the cabinet and the countertop. If you cannot remove a full shelf from the cabinet through the door then you will not be able to install a full Lazy Susan unit.

Corner drawers - Manufacturers have recently come up with a corner drawer unit that consists of 3 or 4 drawers that extend deep into the corner. These take up a lot of space when they are fully extended and leave a lot of the corner unused. It is a new option but unless you are replacing your cabinets I would not recommend it. Traditionally corner cabinets are made with doors. In a remodel all new drawer fronts would have to be made and a lot of the storage that had been usable would be lost.

Pull-out units - Blind corners are well suited for pull out accessories. Many manufacturers make them so there is a good selection to find what you want. These units function on the idea that the area to one side of the door goes back up to 24" so a 24" door with a unit that pulls forward allows a second 24" unit in the corner to pull into the space directly behind the door. Different units are made with the first unit swinging to the side or the second unit pulling out also. It uses a lot of floor space to open it but it uses most of the corner space and makes it very easy to access.

Corner Recycling centers - It gets your waste containers out of sight in separate containers for recycling and waste, these kitchen storage units fit in most standard corner units. The easy to reach space that was previously allocated to waste is now available for the items that had been in the corner previously.

Once you have made a decision on the type of kitchen storage corner unit that you want to use you will need to check all of the measurements required for the unit to fit in your space; door size, height, cabinet depth, cabinet width. Check these against the manufacturers listed dimensions. If the dimensions all match ten go for it! You may be amazed by how much happier you are using your kitchen when you can get to the items you need when you need them.

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