Create a Fabric Headboard

Creating your own fabric headboard for your bedroom can be a great way to get the most out of your bedroom design, décor and home accessories. It's also a great way to get the most bang for your buck when bedroom design budgets are tight. Use these easy to follow directions to creating your own fabric headboard for any size bed in any room in the house.
Cutting the Plywood
Measure and cut the headboard to the size and shape of your choice. Typically, bed frames have an angled metal piece that holds the headboard into place. Measure from these points both vertically and horizontally to get the correct fit for your headboard. Use a circular saw or jigsaw to create any shape you need to match your home accessories and décor. If you plan on attaching any buttons or other flair to the headboard, predrill any holes now. Also pre-drill any holes for hanging the headboard to the frame. If you're going to hang it from the wall, attach any hangers directly to the back of the plywood now.
Cutting the Materials
With a pair of fabric sheers, cut a piece of your favorite heavy-duty upholstery fabric at least six inches bigger than the actual dimensions of the plywood base. You can add cotton of foam batting to the headboard to create a piece that is soft enough to rest against and plush enough to create depth in the fabric headboard. Cut the batting(s) about three inches bigger than the plywood base.
Attaching the Fabric
Lay the fabric down onto a flat surface, good side down. Then center the layer(s) of batting onto the fabric, good side facing down towards the fabric. Next, center and set the plywood onto the back of the batting and fabric, good side facing down.
Stapling the Piece
Pull the fabric and foam over the edge of the longest side of the headboard. With an upholstery stapler, set staples into the fabric and batting about every six inches. Once you have one side evenly stapled, fill in the gaps between the staples so that you have a staple about every three inches. Any headboard wall hanging needs to have the staples well hidden from view.
On the opposite side of the headboard, pull the fabric tightly and staple every six inches. Backfill the staple pattern once the side has been pulled evenly and tight. As with any large wall decorations, you may need a friend to help you pull and hold stubborn thick fabrics.
Now, the corners can be tucked as needed and the shorter side of the headboard can be stapled to the plywood. Tuck and wrap each corner of the headboard, just like you would a present. Add a few staples in each corner to help hold the tightly pulled fabric in place. Attach any buttons, mirrors or other décor to your headboard and it's ready to hang!

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