Set the Right Mood: Why the Color of Your Room Is So Important

Are you getting ready to paint a room in your home, but can't quite decide what you want it to look like? It may be time to consider the emotions associated with your room. Ask yourself this question: What do you want your guests to feel when they walk inside?

Here's a look at some of the most common decorating colors and what they mean for your room:

Red - If you're looking for energy and excitement, red is your color. It's a great choice for places like the living room and dining room where you want to stimulate conversation and create a sense of togetherness among your guests. The color can also be used to increase adrenaline, so may be a good choice for the bedroom.

Yellow - Yellow is ideal for a room you want to be bright and happy. People commonly use this in a kitchen or dining room because it helps ensure happiness when entertaining. However, the color does have some downsides - children are more likely to cry in a yellow room, and some are more likely to lose their temper.

Green - This is known as the most relaxing color for the eye and is suitable for nearly any room in your home. A medium green shade in a living room can help promote togetherness, while a sage color in a kitchen will cool it down. On the other hand, a green shade in the bedroom can help relieve stress and is known to be very relaxing and pleasant.

Purple - As you may have figured out by popular brand names, purple gives off a sense of luxury and exclusiveness. It's a rich tone that can be romantic in the bedroom - or, use a lighter shade for restfulness and peace.

Blue - Blue is known to slow down blood pressure and heart rate, calming the body. But, it's definitely a color you have to be careful with - a light, pastel blue may come across as chilly and uninviting. Make sure to test it out in a small space before painting your whole room in the same shade. If you DO like light blue, accent the walls with rich blue pillows, painting, and tapestries.

Orange - For a sense of excitement, orange is a great choice. It encourages people to feel energetic and is ideal for fitness rooms, play rooms, or anywhere else that is designed for play.

Pink - Pink is romantic and girly. While it may be great for a girl's room by evoking tenderness and kindness, it's sometimes used as a negative - for example, in an opposing team's locker room to intimidate the players.

Next time you're painting your apartment or home, consider the above colors - because it's not just a color choice. It's an emotion.

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