Make Space With a Kitchen Cart

If you love to cook, it can come at a high cost. You know the score. Every great dish out there seems to need a special ingredient or a special pan. Worse, some even want you to buy specialized appliances that you may just use once or twice, but which have since become indispensable.
Eventually, the cupboards and drawers runneth over. While you could cut down on the number of spatulas you have or maybe get rid of the Panini maker, it's far easier to make space with a kitchen cart, getting the little used things off your kitchen counter and out of your cupboards so you aren't always dreading having to find your paring knife or candy thermometer.
If you want to make space with a kitchen cart, know that there are an endless variety of them out there. From large carts that can serve as a kitchen island to smaller models that will tuck nicely in a corner when not in use, there's a kitchen cart for nearly any chef.
If you have a lot of favorite knives, you can start to make space with a kitchen cart by picking up a model with a built in knife caddy on the side. There you can keep all your knives ready to go, using the cart's surface for preparing meals. Many come with a built-in chopping block or you can use a cutting board instead.
Down below, you can use the built-in cupboards to make space with a kitchen cart, storing your less used appliances or specialty cookware. Some models even have a thoughtful tray edge around the top where you can store your favorite seasonings rubs and herbs.
In fact, you can use your kitchen cart as a mobile prep station. To make space with a kitchen cart when entertaining outdoors, use the cart to do all your prep work, then roll it out to the barbecue where it can serve as a temporary cooking area. When you're all done, load up the barbecue utensils and other dirty dishes and roll it all back inside, right up to the sink.
If you are short of counter space in a smaller home or apartment, you can use a kitchen cart to add counter space. You can put it in a corner as a permanent fixture. On the top you can put your microwave, which as we all know can be a real counter hog. Or you can put a toaster and your coffee maker there, two items you only use regularly in the morning, but not necessarily at dinner time when you need a little more counter area to work with.
You can also set up a kitchen cart to be a specialty cart. For example, you can make more space with a kitchen cart by loading it up with your baking goods - canisters of flower and sugar, rolling pins, pastry boards, etc. Whenever you get in the mood to do a little baking, simply roll the cart out and get to work. Everything is in one place, just waiting for you to bake up a storm for the holidays or just for the heck of it. If your cart has a cabinet, use it to store all your cookie sheets and pans. This provides you with even more added convenience, since you don't have to try to remember where you stored them after the last time you used them.
As you can see, a kitchen cart can be one of the best investments you can make for your home. It can give you more space to work with, keep all your similar cooking and baking items in one place and free up a little precious counter space, allowing you to move some of your appliances to the cart instead.

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