Wet Room Tiles - Flooring Options

Wet bathrooms are a common sight in modern homes and hotels. They are simply perfect for kids, elders and especially able persons who can't use the bathtub for one reason or another. In addition, these shower rooms facilitate quick bathing. These showers require extra protection since they brave a heavy flow of water. Wet room tiles make an optimum choice when it comes to decorating a shower room. These slabs display excellent water resistance capacity and also they don't crack or breach overtime. Such slabs are easily available in leading home decoration stores and they come in a wide variety of colors, textures and designs.
Granite makes an optimum choice when it comes to choosing wet room tiles. Decently cut and elegantly polished granite slabs can give your stand alone shower room a unique look. The biggest advantage of using granite on the floor of your wet bathroom is that this natural stone offer an antibacterial surface. The bathroom floor receives clean water, soap residue, shampoo and many things that can make the floor a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and germs. But when you are using granite slabs on the floor, there are no such apprehensions. Granite tiles are waterproof and they don't require sealing except on the grout lines.
Home owners that are willing to spend lavishly in remodeling their bath areas should consider granite flooring for their wet bathrooms. But if you have limited budget then you should choose either porcelain or ceramic flooring pieces. These wet room tiles are less expensive and you will be delighted to know that they are in no way inferior to granite except in look. Porcelain and ceramic slabs are available in a massive array of colors and designs. They are hard wearing and have amazing water resistant capacity. You can seal the porcelain or ceramic floor for added protection against water and soap residue.
Slate, travertine and other natural stone can offer luxurious feel to your wet bathroom but this flooring material requires frequent sealing after every 6-12 months.
The wet room tiles make the stand alone shower area user-friendly. The slabs make a smooth surface on which you stand or sit conveniently. Also the smooth surface drains out the water that falls on it and thus keeps the surface dry. With the use of designer tiles, you can add a personal touch to the bathroom. You should grout and seal the wet bathroom floor properly. Sealing is necessary even if you are using granite slabs.

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