Decorate Your Little Girls Room With Dollhouse Bookshelves

Dollhouse bookshelves are incredibly versatile and provide the central pieces for beautifully decorating a little girl's bedroom. As an added bonus, there are also some dollhouse bookshelves modifications that can turn a unit into a rocket book case.
A less known dollhouse bookshelf option is as a headboard and footboard. In fact, several manufacturers make beds in this configuration. However, due to the simplicity of the design you can, if you have just a modicum of do-it-yourself savvy, build a homemade version quite simply.
The bed version makes a great deal of sense both for function and fun. These specialty bookshelves provide much needed storage and a play area for your little girl.
To undertake this project you can build your own units, utilize used book cases, or purchase low-cost bookcases. It really comes down to budget and the desired size of the project.
There are a variety of free plans online. Just search for "build your own dollhouse bookcase" and you will get sufficient results for a quick and easy project. Search for rocket bookcase if you are looking for something for a boy.
Keep in mind, if your little girl is into the standard Barbie sized dolls then you may want to build your unit on a 1/6th scale. Since these dolls are about 11-12 inches tall you will need dollhouse rooms that are equivalent to 2 inches per foot in the natural human world. The scaled version of a ceiling that is 8 feet tall in the real world would be 16 inches which is taller than the normal distance between shelves. However, Barbie will fit in a 12 inch shelf space standing up which is an option if you are not too concerned with scaled realism. Even a 10 inch space is sufficient with Barbie sitting or lying down.
All that said, you just need to decide how close you want the dollhouse bookshelves to match the scale of her dolls. If it doesn't matter then your job will be considerably less complicated.
You may be tempted after reading this to work with adjustable shelves. However, adjustable shelves are not a good choice for children with obvious hazard concerns.
Also, since your piece is to be used by children it must be rugged enough to hold up against child's play. Also, if there is any doubt whatsoever that the shelving unit could fall then fastening it to the wall is preferable.
A good starter piece is an individual dollhouse bookshelves unit. That will give you an idea if you are up to the task. If that project goes well then you can add the headboard and the footboard bookcases.
With some light sanding your unit will be ready to paint. If you use a pre-built case you may run into some difficulty getting paint to adhere to the surface. For that you will need a primer to prepare the surface for painting.
Other options available are appliques, trim, and draperies. Be sure to cut out plenty of doorways and windows for the rooms. These little details stimulate a child's imagination and make playtime more fun.
Dollhouse bookshelves are a great way for easily decorating your little girl's room. Possibly, best of all, the plans that you need are available online for free.

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