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When most people think about interior decor they think of large pieces of furniture. They think that the modern sofa or dining room table are the main difference makers in their respective rooms. However, the truth is that it is the small modern design accents and design elements that actually make the difference. The smaller design accents are what adds your personal touch and is what brings you room to life.
Many people are now using online furniture stores to help with decorating their home. These companies tend to offer those hard to find or unique pieces of furniture that help make a room pop. And, with such an emphasis on create a modern interior decor, wholesale furniture stores are a one shop shopping option for your home or condo. With thousands of products, they can help you with any theme, color scheme, or style.
Before you start shopping for those modern design elements that will give your home a unique look, you have to determine your approach. When thinking about changing the interior decor of your home or condo you must consider all of the rooms in your home and, in a general sense you have two broad options. You can design your home so that all rooms follow the same design scheme, or you can design your home so that each room has its own design scheme. Either approach will work just fine.
Once you have determined your scheme you need to assess and plan each room. Think about the purpose and the function of the room you are designing. Select a focal point (i.e. a piece of furniture or area of the room) and build on that. Work with the biggest piece of furniture and add your personal touch to the rooms design by adding smaller accent pieces.
Here are some of the best accent pieces you can add to your room:
• Mirrors: You can use mirrors to capture pretty views and visually expand, even double, the size of your space. They are ideal for bedrooms and smaller rooms in your home.
• Throw pillows and blankets: these are a great accent for either your bed or sofa in the living room. Use vibrant colors, unique designs, and different styles and shapes to add some color to the room. They are a great and cost-effective design element.
• Plants: Houseplants are not only good for adding fresh air to your home; they are a very versatile design element. You can buy them in all shapes, sizes, colors, and can place them almost anywhere in your home.
• Area rugs: These are a great way to add some color and section off your living room. The options here are endless. Take the time and find something bold and unique.
• Floor lamps: A very stylish design element. Add a lamp with a unique design that says something about your personality.
• Paintings: Paintings and other forms of art are a great final touch for any room. A modern black and white theme or a painting full of color is a great option to finish off the design of your room.

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