5 Tips for Flower Arrangements

Flowers are some of the most beautiful creations of earth. Everybody loves flowers. They may be used as decorations for events or simply as a gift. They are simply perfect for any occasion. While arranging flowers, simply scattering them around, may create confusion and make them appear messy. Here are 5 tips for flower arrangement.
(1) Choose the correct foam:
A flower foam provides a base and support for the flowers placed in them. There are different kinds of foam depending on the number and type of flowers you use. For example the green colored water-retaining foams are meant for fresh flowers, while brown stiffer ones are meant for artificial flowers. Hence see that you pick the right one.
(2) Choose the correct vase:
Over-sized flowers won't go with a small, petite and thin vase. Similarly small flowers will look weird in over-sized vases. Hence pick a vase for keeping the flowers, depending on the size of the flowers and the size of the stem. If the stem is too long, trim it accordingly. Similarly you can also choose flashy colored vases for pale colored flowers, and sober vases for bright flowers.
(3) Make use of fillers:
If the foam is not enough to keep the flower in place, you can make use of fillers like sand, gravel, small stones, pebbles, confetti, shells or marble to fill in the gaps. They will help to hide the foam. You can experiment with different colors and designs of fillers. If the vase is too wide, it will also help to keep the flower in place in the vase that you are using.
(4) Placement:
Make sure that you place the flowers in such a way that each of them are visible. You can use ornamental leaves to decorate them further. Place brighter colors next to sober ones for them to blend well together. For example reds can be placed next to whites. You can also use a decorative ribbon to tie them up and keep them in place. However make sure that you pick a color of ribbon that goes well with the flowers. Netted ribbons in colors of silvers or golds are the safest.
(5) Watch where you place them:
Just like you get suffocated if you stay indoors all the time, so do your flowers. So carefully place them at a place where they can get adequate sunlight. Also flowers need to be sprayed with water at intervals. Hence prevent placing them near electric appliances to avoid short circuits.

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