Design a Room Around One Focal Piece

A great way to find inspiration for room design is to find a piece of furniture or art that you love and build off of it. For example, you find a beautiful red leather chair with chocolate brown legs that you have to have. From that chair, you could add easily build your entire room design around it.
Red and brown are great colors that can go with many other colors. Since the legs are wooden, why not find a nice side and coffee tables that complement the style of the wood on the chair?
You can also take inspiration from the chocolate colored wood and use lighter shades of brown or tan to accent the color. I compare home designs to website designs. Many websites use monochromatic colors (different shades of the same color) to add subtle differences that don't scare away visitors. The same can be said about your home (unless it's the in-laws... only kidding). Adding white to a darker room will help make things pop against the darker colors. Try to imagine things like a white table or floor lamps that can add some contrast to the darker colors in the room. The opposite can be said for lighter colored rooms. Maybe you can even get inspired by your favorite website and match your room to the colors on the website.
I often find that shopping online with a view of the room is a great way to get an idea of what will work. Many people have different styles so it's important to use your best judgment to decide what's right for you. Some people like to go neutral on their walls and floors, but then they'll add flashes of color with their decorations and furniture. Others take the opposite approach with lots of color on the walls. Both ways will work for different styles and preferences.
Many online home d├ęcor websites feature their products setup in different staged home environments. I like to use these pictures for inspiration of what I'd like my house to look like and adapt as necessary. It's always nice to see a product used in several different scenarios as it shows the products versatility.
The important thing to remember when designing your room is to do what makes you happy. Find that one piece you absolutely love, and the rest of the room will fall into place. Whether it's a piece of furniture, some wall art, or an area rug, once you have something to inspire you, the ideas will start flowing as you shop for more additions to your room. Just remember that no room will ever be perfect to everyone, so do what you love.

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