How To Have A Western Decor Bedroom If You Love Pastel Colors

Often people who love pastel colors think they have to give up having a western décor bedroom because pastel colors are not popular colors in western decor. Find out how you how you can incorporate beautiful pastel colors into a western decor bedroom.

All light pastel colors provide a striking contrast with black. If you don't like the bold contrast of black with pastels, white can be the perfect companion to these light colors. Most pastels also look wonderful with silver. Consider these three colors, black, white and silver when creating your western décor bedroom. Silver conchos and silver stars are a staple of western themed items and although many times you will see them combined with leather or faux leather in brown, consider these gleaming silver decorations with pastel colors as well.

When deciding on a bed for your western decor bedroom, consider iron headboards and footboards. Many styles of iron beds are reminiscent of the "old west". You will be able to find handsome reproductions in white, silver or black. Choose a simple design without scrollwork. If you like a newer style, you may want to consider an iron rustic profile bed that allows you to select western iron profiles such as stars, horses, boots and longhorns designs incorporated into the design.

Western bedding in pastel colors will be difficult to find so a good choice is solid color pastel bedding preferably in a faux suede or microfiber fabric or a quilt made with the pastel color of your decor. Quilts with a star pattern are particularly nice. If you use a solid color, you can enhance the western look by attaching gleaming silver conchos or silver stars to a tailored bed skirt and adding some upscale western throw pillows. Tapestry throw pillows often have some soft pastel colors in the tapestry and are a wonderful choice. If the throw pillows are solid color you can decorate those with silver conchos as well. Don't go overboard with this as it can quickly go from upscale to tacky!

For a coordinated look use the same bedding fabric for the draperies and valance. If you are using a quilt, you might consider a quilt valance only. The drapery rod should match the silver, white or black of the headboard. No pinch pleated draperies please, stick to valances or rod pocket or tab draperies. If you have added silver conchos or stars to your bedding you can echo a few on the valances or draperies, again keeping in mind that a little goes a long way! You can also add metal drapery tie backs with western profiles ranging from stars with conchos to longhorn steer and even spurs. These are available in silver, black or white finish.

For western wall décor use a large western tapestry wall hanging with a hanging rod in the same color as your bed (silver, white, black). Make sure that the wall hanging contains some of the pastel color of your bedroom so it complements your décor. This is a particularly good choice if you are using the same or similar tapestry throw pillows. You can also drape a matching throw at the end of the bed or on a chair. A large really beautiful western tapestry wall hanging can become the focal point of your room.

If you have black iron for your bed choice you will find large selection of black iron lamps for western décor. You can use a black western profile theme lamp with a shade that matches your pastel color. Or, you can use a pastel lamp, preferably not shiny, with a black shade and add silver conchos to your shade. If you have a silver or white bed frame you may want to choose a pastel lamp, without a shiny finish and add a smooth white shade or smooth pastel shade and add some silver conchos or silver stars. Stay away from pleated shades or you may end up with an outdated look. With an antique reproduction iron bed, a nice choice of lighting is electric oil lamp reproduction with or without a glass shade.

One of the nicest selections for western decor area rugs are braided rugs. The high quality cloth braided rugs will last for years and come in beautiful pastel colors in various shades. These beautiful rugs go wonderfully with iron beds while picking up the pastels of your room.

And last but not least, how can you work in a dresser or bureau with an iron bed and pastel western decor theme? We suggest a plain dresser, bureau and bedside table painted and distressed with the pastel color of your room. Replace the knobs and drawer pulls with western style knobs. There is a wide selection of drawer pulls and knobs with horses, stars, longhorns, silver conchos and bit shanks with German silver. Add a mirror either in black metal with rustic western profiles if you have a black rustic profile bed or you could add a plain mirror painted and distressed to match your dresser.

Fasten antique door knobs to a painted board and hang as a wall decoration to hold western hats, western belts and other cowgirl gear. Finish off your room with some pastel pillar candles. You can wrap these with barbed wire to add a western touch.

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