Avoiding a Cluttered Living Space by Not Decorating Bedroom Walls

Some contend that the décor of your home reflects your personality. Others, on the contrary, dictate that the home's décor can directly affect your personality. The latter school of thought focuses on simplifying one's lifestyle by eliminating excess baggage in the home, office and, generally, in your life. One method they promote is avoiding cluttered living space by not decorating bedroom walls, or those in other areas of the home that truly need no adornment. Lack of clutter and simplification can lower stress and help you live more focused on the present moment.

Think about it for a minute. No excess clutter on the wall means less to care for and to maintain within the room. The empty space of the wall can become a calming contrast to the necessary business of needed furnishings. Those who follow this plan frequently advocate painting it in neutral or soothing colors to enhance that soothing effect. Open, empty walls can also create the illusion of having more space, of a larger room and enable you to feel less confined and restricted.

The bedroom, in particular, becomes a catch all in most homes. We hang photos and put up shelves to hold mementos of our lives. Unfortunately, those souvenirs and photo frames need to be dusted and cleaned regularly. Eliminating that task frees up time for you to spend doing things that can add value and meaning to your life in the present.

When you make strides toward simplification, such as avoiding a cluttered living space by not decorating bedroom walls, you open yourself to a calmer, less stressful lifestyle. In fact, the empty wall could be just a beginning. As you eliminate unnecessary material possessions, you free yourself to invest more of your time and your finances in essential and vital life functions, like living each day to its fullest.

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