Selling Your Home: Improve the Kitchen With Small Changes

When anyone visits a potential home they will be looking at the changes they can make and how they can make their mark on the property. If your kitchen or living room has become really homely (which it should of course) it might be time to think like an estate agent and make some changes to really showcase your home.

Firstly remove as many 'personal' items as possible. It is lovely when you can put up paintings and pictures from loved ones on the fridge and walls but buyers will be drawn to these and not may overlook how the light shines through a certain window or how bright the kitchen is.

Think about giving the kitchen ceiling a lick of paint. When was the last time you inspected your kitchen ceiling? You might overlook the fact that the remains of the 'processor without a lid' incident are still on show but a potential buyer will not. They will be looking at everything.

Another small change is to remove clutter from the worktops. Place in cupboards if possible as this way you can really showcase the worktop space rather than show off all the kitchen utensils and equipment you have and probably never use.

Do the kitchen tiles look dated? It might be a case of re-grouting them or giving them a good clean. If the tiles have been there since you moved in and you got used to the dark browns or reds it might time to re-tile. Only do this if you can afford the cost of tiles though as new owners might have a completely different colour scheme in mind anyway. Sometimes giving them a good clean and re-grouting can work wonders.

Change or update the kitchen taps if they are leaking slightly or look dated. It can be a put off if buyers see a leaky tap when they are purchasing. Fixing the leak with a new washer might be all you need to do and this can be done quickly by a professional DIYer. You might be able to hide the leak on the first viewing, but the second one owners will be looking at everything!

A simple thing like checking all the appliances and lighting is critical as having a faulty light bulb can suggest laziness and a lack of interest in keeping your home in working order and this might get buyers wondering what else have you not bothered fixing.

Finally check for any leaks or stains on the kitchen floor tiles. This is important as buyers will also be looking to see if they need to re-surface the floors.

Making small changes like cleaning your home, replacing wall tiles if needed and generally looking at your home can make a big difference. Kitchens are the one place that buyers really invest time looking at so it is worth making sure that the kitchen tiles are clean, modern and appealing.

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