Art Deco Mirrors - Decisions to Make Before Buying

If you are thinking of buying an art deco mirror then this guide should be read before purchasing your mirror. You will need to decide which material the mirror will be made from, where the mirror will be positioned within the room and if you want a genuine product or not.
Decide the material your mirror will be made from
· Artificial materials such as plastic have a tendency to last a long time and can be easily cleaned but can sometimes look mass-produced and less unique. These need to be cleaned regularly so they don't lose their visual prominence.
· Natural materials such as wood and aluminium can be difficult to clean but well worth the effort to really bring an enhanced look to the room. Think carefully about how the material will look in contrast to other materials within the room where the mirror will be placed. For optimal effect the mirror should stand out without looking totally out-of-place within the room itself.
Decide where to position your mirror in the room
· Eye catching positioning of the mirror will grab the attention of whoever enters the room. So putting it in the corner would be a waste as an art deco mirror can be likened to a work of art and should be positioned accordingly.
· Reflecting light from a mirror can be used to brighten a room. Make sure it is positioned to catch the natural light coming from a nearby window and your room will look brighter and more spacious.
Decide if you want a genuine item or a modern replica
· Modern replica art deco mirrors will not be unique as they are easy for anyone to get hold of. However they are much cheaper and are worth considering if you are on a budget. However if you can't find a modern replica or genuine art deco mirror that suits you then it is always possible to get one built from scratch using your own specifications. However this of course will come at an increased cost.
· Genuine art deco mirrors will give you a unique piece of decor in your room, however it can take more effort to find one that is suitable for your room and tend to be much more expensive than the modern replicas.
If you make these decisions before buying a mirror you will find that the whole process is more straightforward and will ensure that you find the right mirror which will enhance any room it is placed in for many years to come.

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