3 Tips for Finding a Reputable Architect to Design Your New Home


Are you looking for an architect in order to redecorate your home? Or are you about to begin the construction of your new home, and wish to have an architect design the outline first? Either way, you need to be cautious. Finding an experienced architect is not as easy as going through the Yellow Pages and choosing a name at random. You need to make sure that the one you are selecting for designing the home of your dreams is qualified and experienced enough to handle the job properly.
And this is where you are likely to run into trouble. There are so many architects out there, showcasing their services and claiming to be the best that it is quite easy to feel overwhelmed when choosing one out of the crowd. The following pointers may help you out a bit here:
  1. Check the architect's qualification: The person you are trusting with the design of your home must be educated enough to get the job done without flaws. Make sure of this by asking for the professional's qualification. He (or she) should at least have completed a two-year degree course from a reputable college or university. Also, check for the experience level of the person. At least 3-4 years of experience in the field is enough, but anyone with less experience than that is not likely to be of any use to you.
  2. See the professional's portfolio: Every successful architect has an online portfolio, either at a personally owned website, or at a social media website. Be sure to go through this before you consider hiring the professional. See which kind of architecture the professional prefers to use, and decide whether you would really like to see similar structures in your home.
  3. Call up the professional and discuss the project: If you like the professional's past works and feel that he is suitably educated and experienced then it is time to give him (or her) a call. Discuss the measurements of the total land you own and ask which kind of house would look best on that. State any special requirements (or preferences) you may have and ask if those are alright with him (or her).
  4. Do not forget to ask about the remuneration of the architect before drafting the contract. Getting a new home designed artistically is certainly a great feeling, but it should not make you break out the bank. Only sign on the dotted line if you feel alright about the fees the architect is asking for.

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  1. There are no accredited architecture schools that offer a two-year degree. Do not pay a two-year degreed architect a penny.