Coat Racks Will Help You Stay Organized

Now that your home is neat and organized, it takes a bit of effort to keep it that way.
Nothing rumples an organized home like a coat on the back of a chair or strewn across the couch. When you come home from work it is a good idea to have a place for your coat and bag. Putting these things away upon arrival will set you up to keep everything else in it's place.
But where does one set a coat and bag? We all have our spots, on the bed, on the counter, or heaven forbid, the floor? There is a stylish and practical solution. A wall mounted coat rack, or a series of hooks acting as wall mounted coat hooks. Remember back in school when your arrived to class and the first thing you did was hang up your coat and backpack on your own special hook? Our teachers instilled these good habits in us for good reason. Not only did it keep the children organized, but it also kept her from tripping all over her students' things.
I have a nice wall mounted hook hanging in the mud room across from a bench so that you can take off your coat, then sit down to take off your boots. Boots and shoes are stored in a tray that sits below on a mat. It's a nice coming-home-from-work ritual that keeps everything in it's in place.
Besides your entry way, a wall mounted coat rack is a great addition to a laundry room, for air drying delicates, or a closet, for items you use more often, scarves, hats, belts or long necklaces. It certainly saves time in the morning to see your things all nicely lined up at eye level to chose from. Bathrooms are also a great place for wall mounted coat racks, especially those less sturdy models, they're great for hanging towels. Guests can each have their own towel and hook.
Wall mounted coat hooks are more versatile than traditional floor standing units. You can hang anything on a wall mounted one, provided it is installed properly, floor standing units are notorious for falling over when thrown off balance by a heavy coat.
To properly install a wall mounted rack it's a good idea to use a stud finder to make sure you are nailing it into a beam. Nailing your mounted coat rack to a beam will ensure that you don't end up with chunk of your drywall coming off the wall with the rack if a too-heavy backpack should happen to be hung on it.
Wall coat hooks come in a variety of styles, most consisting of a set of hooks attached to a board that you attach to the wall. Some have the hooks set in blocks of wood that slide from side to side to facilitate differently sized objects like hats and bags.
When shopping for a wall mounted coat rack look for one with sturdy metal hooks that are attached at the base with four screws. Wooden pegs and small screw-in hooks will not stand up to hanging heavy things and in my experience the lower quality hooks have snapped. It's always embarrassing to have to instruct a guest not to use one of the hooks because it is defective, or worse, have their item fall to floor.

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