Painting Pictures for Children's Rooms

Are you looking for ways to brighten up your child's room? Have you thought about painting pictures for their walls? You can then customize the painting so that it is exactly what you want it to be.
1. Look at the decor that is in there now. Is there something you can pick out of that decor that you could do a simple drawing of? Once the drawing is done, you just fill it in with acrylic paint. The background can be plain or you can add some simple scenery.
2. Decide what size you want, buy a canvas at an art store in that size. If you buy stretched canvas, you can paint the edges and you won't even need a frame.
3. Painting whimsical trees is simple. Just do a circle for the leaves and two lines for the trunk. Funky flowers can be done with a circle in the middle and 4-5 ovals surrounding that circle. A train or firetruck is just simple boxes put together with some circles for wheels, add a ladder or a railroad track.
4. Look at various children's wall art online, most of the paintings can be broken down easily into simple shapes and lines that are put together. Find a picture you like with these simple shapes and use that as a guideline for your own picture. Even cute animals are generally simple shapes that are put together to make a cute cartoon-like animal.
5. Customizing the painting with your child's name is always a fun idea. Some people even do a large name taking up most of the canvas and then do small decorations around the name such as polka dots, or other simple designs.
6. Hang the picture with a nail or to really make it pop you can glue/tack a ribbon onto the back of the canvas and hang it with a cute bow.
The best thing about children's art is that kids love the simple designs. That is the way their brains think at a young age and it is easy for them to use their imagination when they see these simple designs.
If all else fails and you still want a cute painting for your child's room but it's just not turning out, then do an internet search for children's wall art or paintings for children, personalized with the type of decor you are going for. There are many great artists out there with very affordable paintings. Why not get your child a hand-painted original piece of art that they will cherish for a long time?
The author is a mom of two who loves to paint fun pictures for children's rooms. This is a hobby that she is currently attempting to turn into a side business.
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