Give Your Living Room a Touch of Nature

Live plants can transform your living room into a more livable space. Aside from their aesthetic characteristics, they also purify the quality of air in your home. Mixing the appropriate furniture, fixtures and plants in your living room can give it an impressive appeal.

Choose the right type of plant

This is the most essential element when decorating your living room with plants. Live plants are of different varieties and a few will easily grow by just hanging them on your veranda. Others, however, may not live long when placed inside your living room. Nevertheless, there are some types that are categorized as house plants and would tolerate the climate indoors. Belonging to these category are palms like Areca and Reed. They are absolutely adaptable and thrive well in moderately lighted areas. Another type of indoor plant that can grow easily are rubber plants. They are attractive and resilient and work well when placed in the corner of your room. Ivies are the most ordinary house plants that are ideal to be hung above the windows.

Where to position the plants

To create a more relaxing and comfortable ambiance, you need to position them appropriately. Lighting is a vital factor to consider when positioning them in your living room. You must know the plants' lighting requirements so you would know where to place them. Plants are better situated against a plain backdrop like a white or cream-colored wall. Hanging them above or in front of the windows is another good area to place them. A common choice of homeowners is having an authentic indoor home garden. They are placed in a particular spot of the living room that consists of hanging and potted plants. Whatever your choice is, always make certain that they get the proper light that they require.

Choose plants that can disinfect the air in your room.

Disinfecting the air inside your home is one of the benefits of having indoor plants. To make this possible, have a plant that is situated every 8 - 10 feet. A few homeowners group them together with a distance of 8 - 10 feet to take full advantage of their efficiency in disinfecting the air. Although there are plenty of plants that can enhance the quality of air in your home, English Ivy and Bamboo are among the favorites because they can be integrated easily in your seating room.

Choosing the plant color

It is likewise necessary to choose the appropriate colors when putting indoor plants. Those that have colored buds must blend with the colors found in your room. Consider the color scheme that you have adopted and choose their colors from this scheme. It is cheaper to buy a new plant rather than change your furniture.

To make sure that the plants you will have are good air disinfectants, you can check the web for these suitable plants. NASA recommends some plants that are ideal for this purpose.

Give your living room a touch of nature by incorporating plants. They are not only beautiful and attractive to have but also good for the health.

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