Redecorating Your Sun Room With Wicker Furniture

Looking around your sun room at your faded patio furniture can make almost anyone want to close the door and never look back. Instead of tearing it down or continuing to lose the potential extra space in your home, consider redecorating with versatile and attractive wicker furniture. Creating a relaxing and tranquil getaway can be easier than you think.
This, of course, will require a bit of work. By following the instructions provided, your old sun room can become a favorite place and welcome retreat that will be enjoyed by your entire family.
Planning Before Redecorating is a Must
As with any home project, redecorating your sun room requires proper planning. All professional decorators keep written notes, so grab a notebook to jot down all of the information you need to redecorate. This way no idea is lost and you'll also have your measurements handy to refer to while you are shopping.
Proper planning for your project includes:
  • Deciding on the theme of the room - What is the purpose it will be used for? Are you envisioning elegant dinner parties or a family hang out place? Maybe it is just the right spot for your children's play area or a small retreat where you will meditate, read, or even work from home. A sun room is essentially an extra space, so it can be used for whatever best suits your family. If your children are older you might want to call a family meeting to get everyone's ideas. By involving the entire family, you are more likely to create a space that all can enjoy.
  • Furniture selection - This is based on the decided use of the room. Will there be a wicker dining table for summer dinners or a few lounge chairs or sectional for family relaxing and game nights?
  • Take measurements of the room, windows and doors - This will help you determine whether or not you can fit in that large coffee table you're considering or whether that extra-large dining table will fit.
  • Pick out a light and airy wall color - Regardless of the room's functional purpose, a sunroom is intended to be bright and relaxing. Even if the room is already the color you desire, you may want to apply a fresh coat of paint before the furnishings and accent pieces are moved into the area.
  • Speaking of accent pieces, don't overlook their importance - They can be as simple as a bright colored throw rug on the wooden or concrete floor. Other options are unique ceiling fans, a favorite wall clock, wall sconces, or table lamps.
Not Your Average Wicker Furniture
The days of plain white wicker furniture that fades in the sun or chips over time are soon to be a distant memory. With the availability of contemporary styled, durable, wicker furniture created from synthetic material, it is possible to decorate your sun room with practicality and elegance at the same time. Synthetic wicker furniture allows you the look and design of rattan without the environmental drawbacks. No fading, rust, or mold to deal with. Simply cleaning it with soap and water when needed will keep it in like-new condition.
Whatever style you choose to remodel your sun room, remember, proper planning is key and try to get everyone involved in the process. By following the tips we've provided, you'll be well on your way to enjoying your newly redecorated sun room.

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