Wall Tiles - Why One Needs To Tile One's Walls?

Do you want to decorate your home as a palace? If yes then consider remodeling your dwelling with designer wall tiles. Choose beautiful ceramic slabs and install them on your home. The good thing about these slabs is that they are quite easy to install on every kind of surface. You can try installing them on your own and if you can use your creativity then you can produce amazing designs with simple ceramic pieces and colored grout. Take for instance, you can install oceanic blue colored ceramic slabs on a surface and grout the slabs with white glittering grout.
Wall tiles can protect your brick and mortar structure from moisture, dirt, dust and grime. It is not necessary to install slabs all over your home but you must drape your kitchen and bathroom walls with quality slabs. Kitchen and bathroom are the places that need to be properly tiled for protection against moisture and spills. Slabs are hard wearing and another good thing about slabs is that they are highly resilient towards moisture and spills. If you think that it is difficult to clean dirty slabs then you need to change your thinking. In reality, slabs are maintenance free.
A majority of homeowners use paint or wallpaper instead of wall tiles because they find slabs expensive than paint and wallpaper. It is right that slabs are expensive than the latter stuff but slabs are more durable than the paint or wallpaper. Paint is no substitute for slabs because it can't withstand moisture, spills, dust and grime. Also paint and wallpaper are not durable. If you want to get more value for your investment then consider slabs instead of paint or wallpaper. To save money, you can use cost effective ceramic slabs that come in a wide array of colors and designs.
Ceramic wall tiles are popular among homeowners because they are durable, beautiful and cost effective. Another great thing about ceramic slabs is that they are convenient to install and easy to maintain. People who like to do things on their own will be delighted to know that they can produce great designs with simple ceramic slabs and grout. Those who can spend more can consider remodeling their dwellings with granite or travertine. Marble tiles are also a good choice but they require much cleaning. Ideally one should use different slabs in each room. For example, you can use marble for living room, granite for kitchen and bathroom and slate for patio.
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