Rules for Furniture Placement

We've all been there, standing in a room pondering how to position our furniture. We want to maximize the space while maintaining flow and comfort. It can sometimes feel like a puzzle figuring out which pieces fit where. Here are some ideas to make the process a bit easier.

Start by asking how you want to use this room. Will you use it for entertaining? Will it be for watching TV or playing games? Or maybe just relaxing...become clear on how your space will be used and it will be easier to arrange your furniture accordingly. Sometimes brainstorming like this will also help to figure out which furniture pieces will work in this room, and maybe just as important will help eliminate pieces.

If your room will be used as a pathway or walk through to other rooms - position your sofas and chairs close together so it doesn't become a walkway for others to interrupt conversations, games or movies. You and your guests will appreciate having a space that will allow for comfort and shelter when needed, but still have an inviting feeling.

Use an interior designer trick. Draw your room on a piece of paper and cutout your furniture in colored construction paper and arrange and rearrange to your heart's content all without the heavy lifting. This not only helps you visualize the room but will also work out some of the space issues that arise.

Think U shape when laying out your design. It's inviting and makes it easy for everyone to have a chat with each other. Avoid the L shape whenever possible. It tends to be uncomfortable in social settings and inevitably leaves someone out of the conversation.

Pairs will help balance and ground your room. Similarly sized end tables, lamps, and matching chairs will bring continuity to your space inviting everyone who passes by to stop and enjoy. The main thing you want to keep in mind is balance in your space. Don't overcrowd or put large heavy items in one area. Visualize your room as though it were a large balancing scale that needs to stay in harmony and stay on point.

Finally find your focal point and go for it - Every room has one whether it's the fireplace, a window with a gorgeous view or even the flat screen TV. Take what you've learned here and focus the furniture around the focal point and you will find yourself with a beautiful and inviting space.

Dale Finely

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