Wall Tiles - The Importance Of Tiling Your Walls

Wall tiles are becoming popular day by day and this is apparent by the rising demand of these slabs in the market. A quick survey could reveal that people are interested in buying or renting homes that are well tiled. Real estate agents say that elegantly decorated properties are sold easily that those which are in dilapidated condition. Covering the brick walls with slabs not only improves their look but also enhances their life because slabs can withstand everything from moisture to dry air and sunshine to grime. Paint, on the other hand, can't withstand these elements for long as it starts degenerating right from the day it comes into contact with moisture.

Some nook and corners in a home required wall tiles and not paint. For example kitchen backsplash, wall behind the sink and shower wall. These are the areas that require tiling as paint can't withstand the moisture accumulated on these areas. Modern homeowners like to drape all the walls with slabs because these pieces can completely transform the look and theme of a home. Creative people can even produce marvelous designs with the help of picturesque or hand painted slabs. They can give a unique look to their dwellings with a few beautiful slabs.

If you want to improve the look of your home but don't want to spend much then consider using ceramic wall tiles. Ceramic slabs are attractive, durable and above all they are cost effective. These pieces are quite easy to install and they require little maintenance. The good thing about these pieces is that they are water resistant and can withstand hot and cold water. Whether it is the shower wall or kitchen backsplash, ceramic slabs are just perfect for every place. By using your creativity, you can produce great designs with cheap and colorful ceramic slabs.

Ceramic wall tiles are no doubt an obvious choice for homeowners with budget constraints. But if you are willing to spend more then consider stone slabs like marble, granite, travertine, quartz and slate. Marble is the preferred choice but it is not suitable for bathroom and kitchen. Marble is perfect for living room, bedroom and study. Divide your home in different rooms and then start choosing slabs for each room. For example you can select granite for kitchen and travertine for bathroom. You can even choose to renovate your home in parts. This will help you escape the hassle of dealing with many masons at a time.

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