How to Give Your Home Extra Protection From Water Damage

Once you have spent some time in a home, it doesn't take long to realize just how vulnerable a house really is to the effects of water damage. Water can be intrusive and there are so many causes for it to come into your home uninvited. In order to keep it at bay, people do basic things such as install additional drainage systems on the property or place water pumps where water is known to collect at times. While these are great ideas that should definitely be considered, there are some other things you can do as well to give your home some extra protection from the disastrous effects that water can have on your home.
One thing to consider is the type of materials that are present is some of the more high traffic areas in your house. The type of materials that you have selected for things such as floor coverings and counter tops can determine how well your house will fare if there is an intrusion of water at some point in your home. If faced with such an event, whether you actually experience any damage as a result will greatly depend on where the water goes and how well the effected area can stand up to the water.
Because such a thing can determine whether you experience actual damage or not, it is good to select the materials that you choose to have put into your home with this in mind from the very beginning. Many people choose things such as stone floors and solid surface counter tops for the look of a more sophisticated and pricey atmosphere. While these items can in fact add quite a bit of visual appeal to a home, the real benefits of using these materials in your home is the durability that comes with them rather than the aesthetic appeal. Things such as stone surface counters and floors will stand up much better to water since water cannot penetrate these items. These products are typically placed in a kitchen and the reason for this should be obvious, this is after all the one room in the home where water is used the most. It is typical to find water sitting for periods of time on counters where food has been washed and prepared, especially right next to the sink where it is very common for water to splash on to. Right after a kitchen has been used it is also typical to find water on the floor. This is a great reason to have a tile floor laid in this room, since the tile can stand up to water sitting on it for hours at a time without any damaging coming from it.
While this added protection may cost a little bit more up front, it will add a great deal of value to your home while providing you will some additional protection from the threat of water damage by equipping you with better materials that will stand up to water with ease. This could also aid in helping to reduce your home owner's insurance premiums possibly, depending on their policies, due to the fact that your materials are now less likely to require replacement if water were to intrude in your home unexpected.

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