Gravity Fed Hot Water Storage System

The most popular type of hot water storage system in the UK is the gravity fed hot water storage systems. These systems feature two holding tanks connected by pipes, and they can be purchased to use with several different energy sources.
These gravity fed hot water storage systems are actually very simple in design. There is a tank in the loft of the home that is fed cold water. This tank fills with the cold water, and holds it until the second tank needs it.
The second tank is located below the first one, usually directly beneath it, or as close as is possible to being directly beneath it. Pipes connect the upper tank to the lower tank. While the upper tank contains cold water, the lower tank is designed to heat a measured amount of the cold water.
The water from the upper tank is forced through the pipes to the lower tank. When the lower tank has been filled a float type valve shuts off the water supply. Once the lower tank has cold water in it a thermostat engages the heat source it is connected to so that the water will be heated to a preset temperature.

The lower tank can be connected to a heat source that is immersed in the water inside the tank, or it may be connected to an external boiler. These tanks can be powered by heating oil, gas, or electricity. The power source depends on the preferences of the home owner.
Once the water is heated to the temperature the control thermostat is set for the thermostat signals the heat source to shut off. The thermostat will continue to tell the heat source to turn on and off in order to maintain the water in the hot water storage tank at a constant temperature.
When someone in the home turns on a faucet to get hot water, this water comes from the second storage tank. When this water is removed from the second tank the internal float valve allows the pipes to open and refill the tank with cold water.
When the cold water is placed in the second tank to replace the hot water that was used, the temperature of the water inside the tank is lowered. The thermostat immediately engages the heat source so that the water can be heated to the preset temperature again. This process repeats itself over and over, each time hot water is used from the second tank.
Sometimes this gravity fed hot water storage system will not have good water pressure. You can improve the water pressure in your home by making certain that the tank located in the loft is as high as it can be placed. The higher the tank is the greater the force of pressure will be.
When you still have issues with the amount of water pressure your system is providing, you can connect a pump to the system, to force the water through the pipes at a higher pressure

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