Persian And Oriental Rugs: New Vs Old

Generally speaking, area rugs can be divided into two categories: New and old. Up until recent years, both rug experts and rug buyers would agree that the quality of the wool as well as the dyes used in older pieces were of a superior grade. However, the fact is that new Persian carpets and Oriental rugs being produced today are definitely of a much higher quality compared to those produced during the last six decades. Many of these new rugs are no longer regarded as inferior to older pieces. With such a large volume of new rugs readily available in today's Western markets, rug buyers need to get more educated about them before buying one.

Although most information sources deal with the subject of old and antique rugs, consumers are still able to find useful information both online and offline. Potential buyers of Persian carpets and Oriental rugs should not attempt to find bargains. Instead, they should seek help from reliable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable sources. Remember that if you make wise choices in the selection of your next area rug, be it brand new or antique, it will be very unlikely that you are going to regret it. While it is true that good quality Oriental or Persian rugs will appreciate in value, your primary goal should be buying an area rug to enjoy it in your hoe rather than considering it as an instrument of investment.

Despite the fact that contemporary patterns seem to be in style, most producers tend to return to traditional designs, using hand-spun wool and natural dyes. This trend can easily be observed in Pakistani rugs owing mostly to a large population of rug-weaving Afghan refugees producing some of the most beautiful pieces available in the market.

Some new rugs go through a complicated and time-consuming wash process to gain an "antique" appearance. In some instances, the wool is washed by the same techniques before the weaving starts, resulting in a final product that would be difficult to distinguish against genuine antiques. Having said all this, keep in mind that it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to produce new rugs with the "feel" of older rugs. The latter used to be made by weavers who were in love with their work and looked at it as an art, whereas the former are made by weavers who need to finish their work fast in order to get money and pay bills. With all that in mind, many new rugs of today will become antique masterpieces 100 years from now, and that is something to be happy about.

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