How Do I Improve the Interior of My Home?

Your home can look fantastic with the use of well-chosen designer furniture and soft furnishings. Neither change the structure of a room but are used to dress it, allowing you to create the atmosphere and look that you want.
Designer furniture is a good choice because it is usually creative and interesting and importantly of great quality. A particularly striking piece is likely to be the focal point for the whole room and give a real wow factor.
Whilst designer furniture can be seen as expensive, it can also be seen as an investment because furniture by well known designers can increase in value significantly and provide your family with a fantastic heirloom. Try not to buy something just for an investment - they don't always increase by much and you will also have to live with the piece so choose out of genuine affinity towards the piece.
Try the internet for good prices on designer furniture, but also check out auction houses for second-hand bargains and rare finds.
If you can't afford to buy many designer items, try just a few and mix them carefully with High Street purchases.
Accessorising your house with fabric is also important. Soft furnishings can bring a splash of colour and character to a room and soften it too. Soft furnishings are items such as bed linen, cushions, curtains and table linens. They can be designer but you can also create great looks with High Street products.
You may not want fabrics in all of your rooms but the bedroom is a place where they can't be avoided. Beautiful bedspreads with a high thread count not only look good but feel good too.
The great thing about soft furnishings is that you can quickly and easily change the look of a room by changing the colour scheme using the furnishings - it's easier than repainting a room.
Building the soft furnishing scheme around a statement piece is a good idea. A rug or a fabric wall panel could be your statement piece and the other items such as cushions can be in a colour selected from your main piece.
Choose you colours scheme carefully because it has a real impact on a room and set the mood. Only combine different styles of fabric if they really work - oriental fabric curtains may look odd in a room with seventies style fabric cushions.
The furniture and soft furnishings can make a room look classy and elegant, fun and funky, Oriental or Indian - they are instrumental in the look of the room and as such should be chosen carefully.

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