Choosing The Right Display Frame

Built to showcase your most prized photos, jerseys and decorations, display cases come in multiple different shapes, sizes and styles. Cases come in small and huge sizes, made for a small decoration or big enough to show off a signed jersey from your favorite sports team. A shadow box grants a frame for your favorite items to sit in while a jersey display will prevent dust and lint from damaging the item inside the case. No matter what you decide on using a display case for, it is best to get the proper one to help make the proper image for the encased item.

Jersey Case

Surrounded by a colored border and enclosed in glass, jersey display cases come in several different shapes and sizes for the individual. When you encase an object, you are telling everyone in the room that the object is something important to you. Whether the item is autographed by your favorite player or not, you feel the item deserves extra attention, so you make the decision to get a display case. The case you purchase is just as vital as the jersey itself, so be positive you get the correct one for the jersey. When it comes to ordering display cases for jerseys, you have two options: a generic square case that works with all jersey kinds, or a sport-specific case that fits a particular jersey.

Sport-specific cases show off the curves and design of the object, as with a football jersey showcasing the depths of the broad shoulders while the basketball jersey highlights the cut-off sleeves. You may decide on a simplified case, and if this is the case, you may wish to buy a square case instead of a sport-specific case.

Even the border of the case becomes vital, as some include simple borders while others have colored borders. Get a border that contrasts with the color of the jersey; for example, you may choose a black background for a red-colored jersey.

Shadow Box

For ornaments, people often get shadow boxes to frame the ornament and produce attention to them, and these boxes are often cheaper than their jersey case alternatives. The larger the shadow box, the more decorations the box is built to hold, and each box is made to hold a particular amount of items. When calculating size, you never want to place an oversized object within a tiny shadow box, as this will make for a disproportional picture for the ornament and shadow box.

The shadow box is made to draw attention to the particular item, as with a jersey display case. If you overstuff the box, you are drawing attention to a chaotic mess of items instead of a few particular decorations. Limit the number of ornaments within a shadow box; the number will depend mainly on the size of the box.

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