Wall And Floor Tiles - Know About The Varieties Of Tiles Available In The Market

Are you looking for wall and floor tiles for your home or office? If yes then you should know about the varieties of slabs available in the market and their advantages and disadvantages. There are two kinds of slabs - clay and stone - available in the market. Clay pieces are manufactured in factories while the stone slabs are unearthed in quarries and then brought to the factories for polishing. Clay slabs are more popular than stone pieces because they are beautiful, durable and cost effective. Stone slabs too have many qualities but their high price discourages average homeowners from buying them.

Ceramic wall and floor tiles are best selling slabs in the market. These pieces are simply irresistible. You can try installing them on your own. If you can use your creativity, you can produce amazing designs and graphics with these slabs. The striking feature of ceramic flooring is that it is maintenance free. You can install ceramic pieces liberally all over the floor and walls. They are suitable for use on kitchen backsplash, shower wall, living room floor, stairs, entrance and garden path. Since they are maintenance free, you don't have to worry about cleaning your ceramic flooring. The only disadvantage of ceramic slabs is that they are not as strong as stone.

Stone wall and floor tiles like marble, granite, slate, travertine and quartz are very hard wearing. They can take much punishment from footwear and also can brave bulky objects like grand piano, large dining table, leather recliner, wine cooler and refrigerator. Stone tiles are available in a large range of natural colors like beige, rust, sunflower yellow and ocean blue. Stone pieces come at a high price and for this reason average homeowners avoid using them when renovating their homes. The disadvantage of stone slabs is that they are porous and stain easily. You need to protect your stone flooring from moisture and spills.

Ideally, you should use both the stone and clay wall and floor tiles in your home. Stone flooring is best for living room, bedroom, study and stairs. Clay slabs can be installed in kitchen and bathroom. Many homeowners do selective remodeling. They renovate their homes with different slabs. In this way they give their homes a different look and feel. If you find it difficult to decide which tile to use then try selective remodeling method and use both clay and stone slabs in your home.

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