Comforting Colors for Your Bedroom

After a hard day at work, you want to rest in an environment that is calm and restful. Choosing soothing colors for your bedroom is one way to attain such a peaceful ambiance. This article will discuss some color ideas to have a calming and soothing bedroom.

Paint colors can help you achieve the appropriate ambiance for your bedroom. Since this is your own private nook, where you get to relax and recharge, it is necessary that its atmosphere is capable of giving you the relaxing feeling that you need.

Let us look at some of the color combinations you can have for a comforting bedroom.

Lavender and arctic blue

This combination will give your bedroom a breezy appeal. Have your walls in arctic blue and lavender for your trimmings and embellishments. Then have your bedroom furniture in dark brown and upholstery in chocolate shades.

Off-white and green

Blending off-white and green creates a pleasant atmosphere. Have your walls in green and your ceiling in off-white. Opt for white or tan wicker furniture and use white linens as well. You can have the primary colors in your pattered headboard.

Light yellow and beige

Neutral colors such as beige is not dull when mixed with a livelier color like yellow. However, choose the lighter shade of yellow rather than the bright one. Pairing these two hues render a striking look. Use beige for your walls with dashes of light yellow. Choose furniture in dark shades as well as for upholstery to create a harmonized appeal.

Rose pink and gray

No one would probably think that these two colors can be used in a bedroom. One of the most calming colors, rose pink blends well with gray. Have your accent wall in rose pink and paint the remaining walls in gray. Choose an all-white furniture as well as white decorations.

Ivory white and powder blue

When combined, these two hues create an elegant look. The calming and comforting sensation of powder blue blends well with the purity of ivory white. Paint your walls in powder blue and use ivory white for your ceilings and frills. They are also a good combination for bedroom furniture. Use darker shades for your floor and furnishings.

Tan and peach

Another great combination for the bedroom is tan and peach. Peach can make a big room look inviting. Use peach for your walls and have furniture in tan color and accessories like curtains or draperies.

Deciding on what colors to use for your bedroom will make it comforting and relaxing the way you want it to be. If you are not very confident and familiar with color combinations, opt to use the softer hues.

Bear in mind, however, that choosing colors for the bedroom does not only involve the walls. It encompasses your choice of furniture, too. Each item in the bedroom should complement each other in order to create harmony. Losing the harmony will only give you a room that is quite confusing, which you do not want to have.

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