Update a Kitchen Several Ways Without Breaking The Bank

Update a kitchen and it can change the whole atmosphere of your home. It is something people have a hard time visualizing but a small investment can help to update a kitchen. You could paint, change the backsplash, install a faucet and knobs, reface and have a big impact.
One of the biggest kitchen remodel ideas without ripping it all out is probably refacing. This is not my favorite option but it works if you don't like the cabinets and want a fresh look. If you pay a lot of attention to detail this may not work for you. The next biggest impact would be to change the counter tops. If your cabinets are good this really works. This would involve changing the backsplashes also as it is usually difficult to remove the countertops without damaging the backsplash. Painting is one of the least expensive ways to update a kitchen. If you have quartz countertops or are considering them, Cambria countertops have a nice tool to help. Cambria and Benjamin Moore came together to offer an online color selection tool that helps people find the paint colors that best coordinate with countertops. It is very easy to use. When you click on any of Cambria's quartz countertops and the most compatible Benjamin Moore paint colors will appear on your screen.
Changing the backsplash is also a good update. It is more involved than just painting. Removing the old tiled backsplash is possible with some patience. This can be done with a hammer and chisel. If you have a Formica backsplash this is usually easier especially if the Formica was not glued directly to the wall. Before installing the new backsplash make sure to get rid of any uneven areas. Glass tile is becoming very popular today for back splashes but be careful not to overdo it with color. It is best not to draw too much attention to the backsplash. If you think of a time you saw someone wearing a suit with a tie that just stood out you can easy imagine how a very busy backsplash might look.
Update a kitchen by simply changing the knobs. There are so many selections on the market today.
Matching the new appliances can tie it all together. You can add a crown molding where the wall and ceiling meet. There are moldings out there today that have corner pieces that make it much easier to install. It is the joining of the moldings in the corners that pose the biggest challenge when doing crown moldings so this is a big help. There are also in-line connectors and you can find a lot of moldings come primed and ready for paint. So some options to update a kitchen include:
  1. Cabinet refacing
  2. Add countertops
  3. Paint the walls and ceiling
  4. Add a new backsplash
  5. Install new knobs
  6. Add new crown molding
The kitchen is the center meeting place of the home and when you update a kitchen it will help create a very nice atmosphere for events and parties. It does not have to take a lot to achieve this. Some small kitchen remodel ideas as mentioned above can tie you over until you are ready to do a bigger renovation. You can get the information on the paint color matching by going to Cambria's website and looking for Benjamin Moore. You will have to type in Cambriausa.com.

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