Top Three Bedroom Lighting Schemes

Lighting your bedroom can be a difficult choice to make when there are so many different ways to keep it lit. From basic fixtures to complex designs, bedroom lighting can be a fashionable and functional option for your bedroom. Use one or all of these top three bedroom lighting schemes for the perfect way to illuminate your bedroom.

Are you up to the Task?

Task lighting solutions are the perfect way to get the most out of your bedroom design. They help to illuminate dressers, accent furniture and bedding areas perfectly and directly. By installing a dimmer switch to your fixture, you can easily control brightness so it's easy to read at night, bright for changing clothes or dim when not in use.

Bedroom task lights like flush ceiling lights are the best way to get brightness over any workspace. Recessed cans work best when used in conjunction with several other task solutions. Pendant lights are a great way to get a functional system that also doubles as part of the bedroom decor. Because so many different shades are available for this unique fixture, it's a great solution for bedroom lighting.

Accenting your Accents

Accent lighting is a great way to get the most out of your bedroom decor, wall art or accent furniture. It works similar to task in that it projects to a particular area of the bedroom. Accent lighting solutions like track or monorail lights helps to focus exactly where you need it most. Best of all, light fixtures can easily be aimed in new directions when decor changes are made and moved. Accent lighting solutions that double as aesthetic lights can add to the decor as well as help highlight it.

Mixing and Matching

While direct sources like accent and task lights help drive focus to a specific area of the bedroom, ambient sources help to illuminate the entire room. With a good mix of accent, ambient and task lighting sources, the bedroom can be a well-lit place, free from shadows and dark spots. A great source of ambient light for the bedroom is a ceiling fan. Not only do you get a great ambient source for your bedroom, but you also get the perfect ventilation system for over your bed. By using a florescent source for your ceiling fan, you can mimic natural light. Mix and match several different florescents to help create a more natural feel.

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