Child's Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Your child's room is a place that they will play and have fun as well as sleep. As they get older it may be a place where they relax and watch TV, do their homework or just chill out.

Lighting should be chosen to suit all the child's needs. Layers of lighting will be needed to create the perfect atmosphere for your child. An overhead ceiling light on a dimmer switch is a must especially if the room is shared and one child has a tendency to wake. Additional lighting can be placed in the room according to how it is used.

Desks for homework should be adequately lit with some kind of task lighting. The light should shine directly onto the place of work. Additionally it should be placed on the opposite the child's writing hand to avoid shadows on the writing area.

If there is a computer in the room, place it so that light is not directly hitting the screen. If this happens, your child may suffer from eyestrain and headaches due to an increased amount of glare on the eyes.

As with the computer, if your child has a TV in the room, make sure that it does not have any direct light affecting the screen. Your child may not have a specific place for reading so it is best to have an adjustable light that can be moved and positioned around the room if need be.

For a younger child, or nursery, consider using a nightlight. This will aid a scared child to sleep. It should be placed at the opposite side of the room and should not shine directly in your child's face even when their eyes are closed.

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