What To Notice In The Ideal Picture Frames And Shadow Boxes

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the frame containing the photo must be worth a million words. Photo frames, shadow boxes, and convex glass may seem like small decoration objects, but these small frames can revive the ornaments and the photos inside of them. Each detail about the frame, from the color to design to even the words engraved within each frame helps produce a different style for the photos and ornaments within the frame.

Black and White Photos

If you have a black and white image you hope to frame, it's best to maximize that antique feel the image provides by purchasing an antique looking frame. Most frames sold in the furniture section at local stores may not have an antique feel. You may be better off shopping at online stores for the correct picture frame. Some online stores sell oval frames that make for that antique vibe, making them ideal for black and white photos.

Most color photos will go best with a modern style frame, and may even go better with words etched around the frame. The best class of frame for a photo of you and a friend may be one that includes a solid color or one with inspirational words engraved on it. Some frames work better than others for the kind of picture you are framing; for instance, a round frame may be ideal for pictures of people, while a square frame may be ideal for landscape-type photos.

Shadow Boxes

A shadow box is built for little ornaments or decoration objects you may have within your house. The shadow boxes and even convex glass provide you with an opportunity to frame an ornament or decoration piece in order to direct attention to it. Shadow boxes are also best set in areas in which individuals will have an opportunity to see the objects such as in a washroom or living room. You may not want to place a shadow box in a bedroom or hallway where few guests will walk.

Also try to limit the volume of decorations inside the frame. If you stuff the box full of items or figurines, you are not drawing attention to a single set of items; instead, you are attracting attention to a mess. Do not forget, you want to draw attention to a set of ornaments, not make a mess and then draw attention to it. By stuffing the box full of decorations, you are also saying "look at the strange mess I created."

You can locate these frames at almost any home department store, but it is best to look online to find the proper frame and shadow box that matches the color of your room and style of the room. Online websites have the advantage of providing a bevy of frames that department stores do not have.

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