Portable and Ventless Fireplaces

Growing in sophistication and style, ventless fireplaces have been around for years. They are a great alternative to the traditional wood burning fireplace. But, they aren't as well known.

That may be because other fireplace alternatives have scarred the chances anything else might have of coming across as legitimate. But, the gel fuel fireplaces are as legitimate as the traditional wood burning fireplace. Even though it can't be advertised as a heat alternative, it sure does throw some warmth into a room quick. And the real flame in the fireplace creates the same crackling ambiance as wood burning in a camp fire.

Gel Fuel
Gel fuel is an alcohol based gel that comes in a can, burns in the can and extinguishes quickly and safely using the lid. Simply light the gel with a long match or lighter and it will burn for hours at 3,000 BTUs. The same that gas and electric can produce and do have the approval to consider themselves actual heaters.

Electric Models
Ventless fireplaces also come in electric models that have the same ability to heat as well as the same style and sophistication. With remote controls, they can be turned on, adjusted and turned off from the other side of the room. Sitting in bed and relaxing, you don't have to get up to enjoy the crackling warmth while you read or watch television. You don't have to get up to switch it off before falling asleep either. But, you might want to keep it on throughout the night and let it soothe your sleep after a long day.

If you only have one ventless fireplace, enjoy it in any room around your home. Simply pick it up and carry it to another room. It should be a two man job because some models are quite huge. But single and determined, one person can make it happen. Other personal fireplace models are easier to carry around the house. But, they aren't expensive. So, having more than one personal fireplace spruces up your home quite a bit.

Fireplace inserts make it impossible to design the fireplace of your own imagination. They also make it easy to restore a fireplace that has been inactive for years. The chimney might have been put out of service years ago and it would take some major money if you wanted to restore it, that is if they didn't just cop it off or close the vent. Either way, you'd still have to have it cleaned for safety reason. Not with the fireplace insert. Simply restore your old fireplace in about a half a second and set the fire in less than a minute. Your old fire is burning once again.

Aroma is another accessory that really adds a touch of class. You can have anything from Wisconsin Pine to Clean Laundry. Coffee and Wine are a few other favorites. Place a diffuser on the ventless fireplace and the aroma heats up, wafts through the air and brings a pleasing scent to the rest of your home.

Torches are a unique way to use gel fuel. Just like Tiki Torches you would have planted around your home for parties like Luaus, Real Flame Torches come in different styles though. They can also be set around your home like up the driveway or the walk, around the patio or the deck. Use citronella gel fuel and it even keeps the bugs away while you're entertaining guest outside. A little known fact about citronella is that also keeps the dogs in the neighborhood from barking obnoxiously. I don't know the scientific end of it, but something in the citronella soothes them so that they aren't bothered so much they have to bark all day and night.

Ventless fireplaces can be a very enjoyable addition to your home in and outside. Providing hours of enjoyment throughout the evening, you'll fall in love with it the first time you lay your eyes on one. If you don't have a fireplace in your home, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to build one. Simply get a ventless and install in less than an hour. From box to burn in no time at all, now that goes perfect with the "Want It Now" trend.

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